I want to sincerely appreciate over a hundred people that responded to my logo choice analyses🙏🏻 and those that couldn’t reply because of logistics reasons… now I know that I am connected with good people that sincerely love my brand😘👍🏾

Some of you even go to the extent of giving me good suggestions that will fly better…

Like seriously, I am really feeling favoured 💃💃Lol

I am working on all the intellectual suggestions I gathered from you all.
Thank you so much🙏🏻

Take away:

*Because you have honoured me( your PROLIFIC friend and daughter; God will decorate you with honour from now and forever IJN ❗️🔨✅



Come out of it now!

#LikeSeriously 😀

Read what I saw on my elder brother’s wall today 😳😎

“let’s not be self deceptive, RECESSION IS NOT EVERYWHERE!!!” ( I said to myself, Interesting 😀)

Financial Resources didn’t grow wings and flew out to anywhere, it is still there. What you’ve got to understand is:
* Know your Skills
* Review your Skills, Polish your Skills, Make them very Relevant to current challenges, Upgrade and Update your Skills.

* Add more-relevant Skills to your Incumbent Ones.
* Don’t be Unaffordable.

* Research, Seek the Face of God, Receive Divine Guidance and Direction from the Lord.
* Get yourself Fixed somewhere in the Supply Chain.
* Help others❗️

-Some people are doing House Warming in recession; Giving-More to People in the recession; Paying the Children’s School Fees ahead of Next Year – in recession.
The Ball is in your Court to either keep complaining like others – hating people who are doing well,

OR STAND-UP, take hold of your life, and MOVE FORWARD.

Check out the list of skills you can acquire @ bit.ly/ProlificStellaSKillAcquisitionProgram

#Lobatan 🔨



One-on-One Prolific Stella Skill Acquisition Training👭


To God alone be all the glory Yesterday’s October Special Series of Prolific Stella Skill Acquisition One-on-one training was a huge success!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💃💃💃😀😀😀

Sharon and Yetunde hosted my team and I yesterday, at the comfort of their home where they were taught six domestic products compulsory for any home to make do with; and these they can start out with from their home:

Multipurpose Liquid wash, disinfectant, germicide, baby jelly, hair cream, bar soap for wash:
Antiseptic & Medicated bathing soap ✅

You like to know that yesterday was my first time of meeting Yetunde, an Msc student in MicroBiology while Sharon is an educated housewife… You see, everybody needs skill acquisition to be a value added entity in any field you choose for yourself!

Still interested in our one on one skill acquisition training?😎😳😀
Call 📞08035584160 now to book yours or for your loved ones. We are affordable, reliable, and proven! 👌🏽

Remember that the best investment you can ever do is in yourself! Do it now and fast❗️

Have an awesome day today😘





“Aunty Prolific, see what I made with used bag and shoes for my client; she asked me to help her find solution to… I am glad that I could to do it..” 😀

These were the words of young Mojisola, one of my latest trainees at Gbagada I received yesternight…

Are you still among those complaining about the economy situation of the country and lamenting over split milk?😪
Wake up 😳 and put an end to that nonsense! Connect with Prolific Stella now and acquire skills that will not only put money in your pocket but make you a solution provider!

Call 08035584160 now to book your group or one-on-one training session at the comfort of your home!

Sharon and Yetunde 👭 will be having me today at Meiran, Lagos by 10am
Catch yah👍

It’s a blessed day for you👍🏾


Does It Matters?😳


Good morning to you this morning😀
Yes o!

Hear these👂🏽

~What’s happening in the country or isn’t happening shouldn’t affect your core values or your impact in the society!👌🏽😀

~You are not a success because you have a fat bank account but for your indefatigable wiliness to fulfill purpose and impact your generation positively!


***Follow your passion through the situation/economy notwithstanding; and work towards making an indelible mark at every stage you find yourself at your level❗️Everybody always have something to give, no matter your level even a day old baby gives… (Joy😀)

You like to know that I was granted quit a few interviews over the last few days I was offline: Galaxy TV, ACBN on Christian Broadcasting Network, if you missed…you can still read up with my online session with PAW’s Blog (Phenomenal African Woman) come Nov. 2nd 2016 on their blog as the name implies✅

It’s a blessed and fulfilled week for you👍



Do You Want To Be A Part of It? 😳


I hear 👂🏽 people talk about recession here recession there! So the question is: Do you want to be a part of it? 😳

If you don’t want to; so why are you joining them to say it? 😳

Bishop David Oyedepo will always say: “What you don’t want you don’t watch!😳…as you say it you see it…!”
The scriptural truth is, if you don’t want to see it don’t say it! Period❗️👌🏽

***The future may look far away but don’t stop seeing it. 😎 It’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life, so work towards it. 🏃Make it happen for yourself; don’t give up on your future! 😫


Do you even know that some people are waiting to hear that you no longer pursue your dream; so will you let their evil enterprise prevail over your God given glorious future?!

Why not stand up to safe your future, the future of your next coming generation! Don’t stop until you are done!

It’s a new dawn for you! If only you can see it then you can take it👍





It’s International Day of the Girl Child.
Prolific Stella joins her indefatigable passion of inspiring, empowering and always celebrating the African women 💃💪🏻✅
While not join your strengths as girls, ladies and women to elevate, inspire and celebrate all the females in the world.😀


It’s no news that the African woman is strong, resilient, bold, black, beautiful, charming, passionate, caring, loving, and resourceful. 💪🏻✅

We are industrious, lady-like, natural and real👌🏽

I’m proud to be a woman💃

I represent the assiduous African woman. No wonder God took extra time to create me 💃
Like seriously, I am loving myself more…lol😘


If you’re proud to be one, kindly like, comment and share. 😀