What an impacful Event!

CEO Mentorship Conference held on the 25th April @ LCCI was a great one.


CEO Mentorship Conference

Climbing the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of you makes you better and have an edge over your contemporaries….

Be part of this life transforming event and be transformed in your business/career and life pursuit! CEO Mentorship Conference happening live @ LCCI( Lagos Chamber of Commerce Institute) Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Time: 11:00am It promises to be impactful. For enguiries please call : 0703010388 or 08188220066

It is free but you must register! Register link: http://ow.ly/LBgEM

A Must Attend Conference for turn arounds in Business and Career!

A Must Attend Conference for turn arounds in Business and Career!

A Must Attend Conference for turn arounds in Business and Career!

A Must Attend Conference for turn arounds in Business and Career!


The Difference Between If and How

You cannot be greater than your thought!

Lead Today

imageThe attitude of less successful people says “if” I can succeed. The attitude of highly successful people says “how” will I succeed. They know they will succeed at whatever they do, the only question is how.

When your mindset is one of “if” you allow the possibility of failure to enter your life. When you allow the possibility of failure into your life you could possibly talk yourself into not even trying.

There may not be a way to absolutely guarantee success but there is most certainly a way to guarantee failure… and that is not trying in the first place. When you decide the effort to try is too great to bother you have just accepted failure. You may have to swallow hard the first time you do it but no worries… failure not only gets easier, it becomes a habit.

The mindset of “if” causes lots of self-discussion…

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My Media Crew and I @ City FM studio

CEOmentorship with Stephen Akintayo focuses on success-stories of CEOs with household names in career and in business world. It is a known fact that in our everyday life, people strive for success in business/career to get to the top; but the irony of it all is that, a lot are sincerely wrong in their approach in starting a business and building a career of their choice! It is either they are doing the right thing in the wrong way or doing the wrong thing in the right way; which would continue to lead to unending frustration! Thus; Success in business is guaranteed when one is mentored by someone who has acquired deeper knowledge and has over the years, gained indefatigable wealth of experiences in the ups and downs of such business/career. In view of this; a motivational speaker, digital marketing professional, Stephen Akintayo launches CEO mentorship– a weekly radio programme which is aimed at guiding individuals on the path of success in their business/career endeavour by bringing great CEOs of impeccable prestige on board; to unleash their success journey so far in their different businesses and careers. Stephen Akintayo ones shared the lesson of one of his mentor’s protégé: When a football star refuses to retire to become a couch; he will soon pay to enter the same stadium others pay to watch him played. But if he does retires to become a couch, when the reigning stars see him; they will point to him and say ’couchy!’ With this; he will not lose relevance”

Each week on the show, a CEO with a household name comes on board to share his/her knowledge and experience on the ladder to success.

The crux of the programme is that at the end of each epistle, one among the listeners is given the opportunity to be mentored by either Stephen Akintayo or the CEO of the week; by filling a sign-up form when they visit www.stephenakintayo.com and like all Stephen Akintayo’s social media platforms. First, the lucky winner gets to have a dinner with the CEO of the week at Protea Hotel & Suits, Select, Ikeja, Lagos. This dinner is sponsored by the host of the programme-Stephen Akintayo. Second, the lucky winner will be mentored by the CEO of the week for 6 months.

CEO mentorship airs on City FM 105.1 every Tuesday from 6:30-7:00pm.

It will interest you to know that the radio programme-CEOmentorship with Stephen Akintayo had featured the likes of Jimi Tewe, Frank Osodi, Dr. karen Joash, Dr. Ope Banwo, Femi Awoyemi, Bunmi Davis,Mrs. Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, Matthew Stewart, and a host of other successful entrepreneurs.

About The Host

Stephen Akintayo, an inspirational speaker and Seasoned Entrepreneur is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Gtext Media and Investment Limited, a leading firm in Nigeria whose services span from Digital Marketing, Website Design, Bulk SMS, Online Advertising, Media, E-commerce, Real Estate, Consulting and a host of other services.

Stephen also Founded GileadBalm Group Services which has assisted a number of businesses in Nigeria to move to enviable levels by helping them reach their clients through its enormous “Nationwide data base of real phone numbers and email addresses”. It has hundreds of organizations as its clients including multinational companies like Guarantee Trust Bank, PZ Cussons, MTN, Chivita, etc.

He is also the Founder and President of Infinity Foundation, an indigenous non -governmental organization that assists orphans and vulnerable children as well as mentor young minds. The foundation has assisted over 2,000 orphans and vulnerable children, and has also partnered with 22 orphanage homes in the country. Stephen, popularly called Pastor Stephen is founder of Omonaija Radio, an online radio station in Lagos currently streaming for 24 hours daily with the capacity to reach every country of the world.

He is an Author of several published books including: VISION MARKETING, TURNING YOUR MESS TO MESSAGE, BECOMING A SOUGHT-AFTER SINGLE and UNDER THIRTY MILLIONAIRE, as well as the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of CEO Protégé Magazine, a publication of CEO Protégé Limited.

Apart from CEO Mentorship, Stephen Akintayo currently runs a weekly column in some of Nigeria’s national papers, including The Nation Newspaper and The Union Newspapers. He is also a social media guru.

His mentorship platform has helped thousands of people including graduates and undergraduates in the area of business as well as in relationships. Stephen strongly believes that young Nigerians with indefatigable passion for entrepreneurship can cause a business revolution in Nigeria and the world at large.

He is a graduate of Microbiology from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OSU}, a member of Institute of Strategic Management. He is an ordained Pastor with Living Faith Church Worldwide under the leadership of Bishop David O. Oyedepo, and he is happily married and blessed with Two Sons; Divine Surprises and Future.

Every week on the show, a CEO/mentor comes on the show to share their experience and knowledge with listeners and after the interview; one lucky person will win a dinner date with the CEO/mentor of the week and will also be mentored for one year by the CEO of the week. Listeners who are interested in being mentored will write an essay on his/her ambition and the desire to be mentored, the essay will be sent to an email on ceomentorship@stephenakintayo.com or stella@gtext.com.ng and a winner will be selected by the end of the week. The winner will have dinner with the show host and the mentor of the week, and then the mentorship process will begin.

Also, other attentive listeners have the opportunity to pick up a gift if they are able to answer questions on digital marketing tips thought by the host on the show.

The Producer

Stella Adu is fondly called ProlificStella. She is an entrepreneur, an instructor, a speaker, a writer, an editor, a digital marketer, and a producer.

Prolificstella is a multi-talented grandeur, thus; she is also into media production such as editing, proofreading, stage performance, producing and directing. These among others made her connect with a grandee, Stephen Akintayo-a digital marketing consultant and a passionate mentor who she is presently working with as his PA Media and editor. She is the current Producer of his radio show called “CEOmentorship with Stephen Akintayo”. Stephen Akintayo’s passion for his radio programme seeks to mentor the upcoming young entrepreneurs who are still striving to get their feet in business and career by bringing prestigious CEOs with household name live on air to share their success stories with the listeners…

ProlificStella holds National Certificate in Education (NCE) in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Ijanikin/Oto, Lagos; and a Bachelor Degree in Art/Education [BA/Ed] (English). Also, she was a featuring editor at ESA (English Students Association) in AOCOED Ijanikin/Oto, Lagos while in school.

However, ProlificStella is open to new and renovating ideas as she believes that she is not yet where God wants her to be thus; she is one of the loyal protégé of Stephen Akintayo

Open Cheque!

If you desire to be mentored by Stephen ASkintayo simply do the Aforementioned in the about the programme: “CEO Mentorship with Stephen Akintayo” and you will be happy you did.


BB Pin: 55856866

The Creme de la creme of our society

The Creme de la creme of our society

IMG_1770 CEO Mentorship3 STEPHEN FLICEO MATTHEW STEWART AND I Stella and Laila Stella BUNMIDAVIS AT D STUDIO Dr.Ope Banwo Frank-Osodi2 Gbenga-Adeyinka-460x3731 IMG_0023 (1) IMG_0414 IMG_0415


How Time Flies! #BringBackOurGirls!

It seems no one knows how long it will take to end the untold psychological trauma, pains, confusion, faced by the Chibok Girls in the cruel hands of the dreaded Boko Haram insurgency…. The big questions here therefore linger thus; is there end to this saga? How long will it take to bring back our girls, our daughters, our future leaders and mothers? What is the fate of these innocent ones? What have they really done to deserve this…? What is the state of their minds at the moment psychologically? Will they really come back to remind the same girls, daughters, lassies, adolescents that we know them to be?!



chi images2 images3 militants

I just hope these girls have not been brain watched beyond repair, I just hope there I hope they will not all been mutated into suicide boomers ….We keep hoping and hoping…? We know they are not dead! But how are they now? Only God has all answer to these questions. How sad to hear and an African woman cries! Her tears are deep and tell stories…. It unfolds her experiences and her expectations.

Let’s keep hoping that one day, these girls will come back by themselves because even the militant soldiers sent in search of them; imbue silently that they don’t really know the whereabouts of these adolescents. Oh, what a pity! What an irony indeed!

May be now that power has changed hands, all of these questions will be answered. Wr really hope General Buharri  Professor Osinbajo will see to it that these children are brought back in no time, as it is part of what we expect from them! Today made it 365days –one year exactly that the Chibok Girls were adopted. How time flies! Procrastination is indeed the thief of time and delay is very dangerous!

However, this ultimate search is not for the government alone but the responsibility of all. We must not relent in our effort to seeing that these future mothers brought back to their families! It is the responsibility of everyone to keep praying and hunting for the return of these children. There are depending on our indefatigable hope to keep their fainting hope alive. We must not let them down! Remember that there is hope for the living….

Dear beloved little sisters, we want to let you know that we really miss you, your voice, and everything about you.

Adu Stella


BB PIN: 55856866