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Wahoo, What a blessed country we live in Nigeria! Nigerians are talented, blessed, innovate, full of ideas that will give us #TgeRealChangeWeSeek 💪 ! Today is the day two of #AYEEN2017 #AYELAGOS and is almost moving to a close! To God alone be all the glory!🙏🏻

Tomorrow is of course the grand finale of it all, if you registered for #AYEEN2017 and you haven’t pitched your brand, again tomorrow is the last day! Don’t miss it for anything! #NigeriaIsBlessed #Potentials ##CreativeIdeas #Entreprenuers #BusinessMinds #ILoveMyCountry #ILoveNigerians 😘

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One of My Motivations


I suppose you know that you own your ideas…? If you already know…

Here is a reminder:
*** You are the Carrier of your own career… Sit at your secret place to discover your potential, strategies how to execute it, choose the right channel and the right people because what you follow, determines what follows you; and your contact signifies your contract. 😳

*** So, Connect with people well, because everything you need on your way to fulfilling your purpose is centered around “The People Factor”…😁 Do you know that there is everything you need in people? People are opportunities, right people are right channel…thus, your network determines your net-worth!

***However, one important thing is to kick start because one action is far better than one thousand and one intentions! 😁
*** After actualising it, remember, in every new level there is always a new devil😡; so you need to pray so as not to become a prey!😩

But there is a big “G” factor (GOD) who can do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever imagine. Move closer to Him and you will not need the approval of PEOPLE to do exploit in life! 👍

It’s a great week!✅

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We Can we should…!


My name is Stella Adu.I am fondly called Prolific Stella. I’m a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketer and a skill acquisition trainer. ( http://www.prolificstella.wordpress.com/about )
I have Volunteered to teach 5000 students history education.✅

Recently, history education was removed from our education curriculum and it is making our future generation children not to know the values and the rich culture of our country.

So join me and other 200 Volunteers to help TEACH 5000 students in 10 Schools in Lagos schools over a period of 10 weeks.

-Do you have passion for teaching?
-Do you want to be part of history makers?
-DO you reside in Lagos Mainland?
-Can you spare at least 2 hours per week?

Follow this link to join the Whatsap group for detail:

The join us by Signing up http://bit.ly/hiztorybox2017 now.


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Benin City, Are You Ready?💃🏻


*Clearity is BAE* 🔨

Many a time I tell people that, what you don’t know is bigger than you! 😁

Silas Ozoya puts it thus;
“How can you understand what’s not clear? 😔
How do you go about that? 😒
If it’s not clear, claiming you understand it means you are not being fair to yourself!”👌😳

***Clarity is BETTER.

Taking ACTION that forms EXPERIENCE make it CLEAR!🔨

Visit: Silasozoya.com

Good News!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

*** Silas OZOYA, a business developer would be hosting his 4th annual StartUp Business Conference 4.0 with the Theme: The Business of Skill
Date: 15th July, 2017
Venue: ANEEJ Secretariat, Airport Road, GRA, Benin-City.

*** This conference is completely *FREE* to attend. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

~ Come network with him and other entrepreneurs learning how to convert your skill to constant cashflow. 👌
***Sure Prolific Stella will be there! Don’t be told make plans to attend!
You will be glad you did!👍

To get your invite, log on to Silasozoya.com/conference

Proudly supported by *KampusTV NG*

For more KampusTV NG updates please visit kampustv.ng

#StartingUp #BusinessSkills

It’s gonna be an awesome day today 👍



Vote Your Prolific STELLA. 🙏🏻


Do you know that volunteerism is enough to reduce social vices amongst our youths?

***If Volunteerism must thrive in nigeria, we must encourage and celebrate it in whatever way we can!💪
Friends and Family please vote me your Prolific Lady💃🏻 for NIGERIA VOLUNTEERS AWARD 2017 🙏🏻
Let’s do this together.

Kindly Vote like this:

Copy or send

Profile: http://www.prolificstella.wordpress.com/about or about.me/stellaadu ”
To this email: volunteersng@gmail.com

Thank you. 😘🙏🏻

“…celebrating good works and selflessness!”

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Don’t be told be there!


It’s Made-in-Lagos Trade Fair! The first of its kind!💪

Visit: http://www.madeinlagos.org for details.
Don’t be told be there!!!

*** Be part of the first ever Made-In-Lagos-Trade-Fair
Hurry! Book a Space!!!

Are you an Indigenous Entrepreneur, producing locally or rendering a service that can be exhibited?

Why wait?! 😳

Position your brand in the First Indigenous Trade Fair for Made In Lagos! 😀

*** Get an exhibition stand for as low as ₦5000.00k ! Yes! You heard me right!
Limited space available!!!

Okay, category A: #5000, you getting a space only of 5sqr metre,
Category B: #10,000, you get a space of 10sqr meter, table and chairs,
Category C: you get a space of 10sqr meter, tent, table, chair and a chance to win a business grant. What a great offer at affordable rate! Can’t get it anywhere else where a mega event of this kind is hosted! 👌

For more info 📞call: 0706 300 4528 or 08090815369 now!
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The Important of Photography in Building a Brand for your Business

imageThis was a session a had with National Art & Photography Brand Network (NAPBNET)

I hope to use my career story as instructional materials to inspire someone here tonight. Don’t mind me if you see me use such terms; it’s just because I am an educationist by profession….

Ok now, Simply put:
Stella Adu is my name. I am fondly called Prolific Stella: I am a serial entrepreneur, training coordinator, a skill acquisition trainer(I help youth 13-36 & stay-at-home women acquire entrepreneurial skills to startup their business through my skill acquisition training) and a social media crusader 😀 about.me/stellaadu

Hobbies/Skills: I am passionate about helping people achieve success 💪🏻 I love traveling, helping (charity) volunteering, gisting, teaching and cooking. Most importantly, I love being a women. lol💃

Tonight, I have being given a topic to work with “Building business empire with ARTISTRY skill”
But I have decided to paraphrase it this way,

*** By way of introduction, I will say here as I always say

What you don’t know is more than you! Until you have good understanding of a subject you can really enjoy its benefits.
The Important of Photography in Building a Brand for your Business
We all know that good photograph is done with skill & imagination, which makes our content attractive or beautiful…

Thus, I will like to give definition of key words.
~ It’s important to know that Photography is both art and science. The word “photography” means to paint with light, and painting with light is where the “art” comes in. Permanently fixing the light into a tangible photograph is “sciences” role.
Real photographers know how to take an ordinary object and put meaning into it, meaning that represents our content well

~ Business has to do with the activities of selling, buying, marketing, exchanging for productivity and profitability.

~ Again, it’s important to know that:
Branding is not just a cool logo as some thinks… It’s a kind of promise, an identity, a vision, even a mission that goes beyond the product or the service to be sold👌

It’s the perception you choose to create in the mind of the clients
It’s important to note here that Social media is first about the people and not your business!
It’s important to note here that Social media is first about the people and not your business! if you therefore provide for the people (add value in your conversation & engagement with them; they will in-turn provide for you) By doing business with you👌
having the right images professionally capture will give your brand the recognize to attract client.
Photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It also enhances your positioning as an expert and this in turn gives you the competitive edge with purpose of increasing your sales.

A good business person will budget in for a new logo and brochure design by hiring a Graphic Designer, because they are the experts. Budgeting for a photographer is equally important, yet a lot of businesses don’t see it’s essential. Most feel their Iphone or a staff member with a entry level camera is good enough…

… But is this really good enough? …Is it really going to give you the best results?
Now let’s look at the important of photo to branding
Every single brief is different and it’s our job to tailor these projects and campaigns to create effective solutions. But some things don’t change for any client, and one of those things is the importance of top quality photography in building a successful brand.
However, it’s often overlooked by companies even entrepreneurs, when they first consider their budget for a branding exercise….

We know that every penny counts for business owners, but that’s precisely why we need to spend them where it will make the most impact for your brand.
Good quality images by a professional photographer have the power to capture everything your business is and aspires to be. They can show the heart and soul of your organisation, its ethos and principles.

A great photography brief will put you head and shoulders above your competition #Infography
As consumers in a technologically advanced world, we are inundated with hundreds of marketing messages every day….

Ironically, the smartphones that have made us into media experts are also responsible for making us believe we don’t need a professional with an SLR camera anymore. We can just use our phone camera, right?

Wrong. Nothing can replace the quality and power that professional images will have on the success of your project if you really want to build a mega brand. However, I always teach that starting small is key. Thus, make use of what you have: your phone if you can’t avoid a professional photographer.

A picture paints a thousand words, after all.
Many a time, people ask me why I always take pictures when I go for events… Do you know my answer? “It’s for my branding…”Every picture tells a brand story 👌
~ Don’t joke with every moment of your processing as an entrepreneur!

~ Document your moment via photo!
I have needed to remind a great man that I had interviewed him before when I was producing a radio show… But he wouldn’t remember until I had to post a picture I took with him…That was when he got my explanation perfectly!

The Chinese proverb said “… What I see I remember!”
I am almost done here so you can start preparing your questions.
~ The truth is you needs photography as well to position your products & services perfectly well before prospects.
~ Don’t just post anyhow pictures online because of your brand. M. Obama said: successful people are deliberate people… They do thinks because they want to and because it has a lot to do with the brand they are building!
Thank you very much for your time at this session

Once again, This is Prolific Stella: I help young people and stay-at-home women to acquire entrepreneurial skills through my skill acquisition program. I train cooperate bodies and organization on how to build online brand, work etiquette, to mention but a few.
To know more about my skill acquisition training you can check here


I blog at http://www.prolificstella.wordpress.com/

Connect with Prolific Stella
Or prolificstella@yahoo.com

Social media:
@prolificstella (Twitter, Instagram, & Skype)
Facebook Page: Prolific Stella
LinkedIn: ProlificStella Adu
Blog: http://www.prolificstella.wordpress.com
08090815369 (Whatsap)

Thank you 🙏🏻