My Best Life Conference

See faces at our last edition… sure you don’t want to miss this for anything this year.

Do you know that as engines in machines require recalibration so does our lives? Give yourself a chance to recalibrate at My Best Life Conference; to find your true essence and gain the momentum to chase your dreams ruthlessly.

My Best Life Conference 4.0 is here again! This mind-shifting event will host luminaries from different walks of life who will dissect the theme “I AM” on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Find out more details at http://www.thewhitelilies.com and from yours truly @prolificstella 💃#AddingValueMyCore



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Don’t use up your today in thee past…

‪ #WednesdayWisdom

Outstanding morning great mind. I saw this on Twitter this morning on billionaire secret and I thought to share with you.

*It’s important to know that: just because people smile all the time doesn’t mean their life is perfect. That smile is a symbol 👌🏻 of hope and strength.* 💪🏼


*Don’t let your yesterday use up the larger part of your day.*

Have a blessed day.




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Change Conference and Digital Marketing Session

So yesterday, I has an amazing time @orientalhotels where we got mind blowing sessions #BecomingTheChange #TheRoleOfSocialMediaInTheForthcomingElection @GtextMedia

What a loaded day! #Gbam! 🔨

No doubt @stephenakintayo’s #ChangeConference + #DigitalMarketingTraining made my yesterday. Starting from the networking session…, it was resourceful to my career as #ProlificStella 💃💃

Like seriously, it was a privilege meeting at the same time facilitating alongside @iamimanuel the man in the #Dropshipping , #Logistics #MiniImportationCoach #Business @kayconcepts @mayconceptsolution today! I’m even more than blessed as a facilitator….bottomline these guys have challenged me o. Oya, #GoingBacktothedrawinvboard

Today is the day two don’t miss it for anything!

*No road leading to our venue is blocked.*

Remember that Excuse is a luxery successful people cannot afford. Social Media Week Bootcamp is at Radisson Hotel, GRA, Ikeja. Event is FREE and Starts 8am today.

@prolificstella No1 Passionate Skill Acquisition Trainer in Africa







No Limit To Your Motivations

My late #MondayMotivation

…because the Oliva Twist on my contact list asked for more….

Last week, when I sent extract from the lessons I learnt from

#Thinkation2019 more requests keep coming for more.

Anyways, here is a good news The DVD 📀 for the event will be available for sales! 👏👏👏👏👏

✅ For your motivation

Again, @sheriteliy our amazing keynote speaker has imbued that:

*Money, assets, titles and fame will never give you peace. Peace is the new success.*

*Exponential living is a lifestyle of pursuing Peace, choosing clarity and living courageously – Sheri Riley*

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Sheri Riley

When you start from the bottom and work your way to the top, it just makes the taste so much better”

Hibaq Abyan

Even if you can’t help anyone, you’ve got to help yourself. You owe that to yourself

“You have to make sure you respect yourself so that others can respect you”. -HibaqAbyan

Learn to work smart not just hard, in this age, it’s about working smart. In any field you field yourself, the place of preparation is key to your desired success not just wishing: @Richard Mofe-Damijo

You can do anything doesn’t mean you should do everything! @TimiDakolo That was #Deep

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Mark Your Calendar


Top of the day to you. It’s the first Friday in 2019! And here is a quick reminder:

Have you registered for

#Thinkation2019? It’s in 15 days from now!

It’s time to equip yourself to *Think Globally, Think Critically…* I’m inviting you to attend

@Ubongkingfoundation is the organizer of #Thinkation2019.

Are you ready for some Thinking + Education?

Date: 19-01-2019,

Theme: #OutOfTheBoxThinking

Venu: Harbor point event center, Victoria Island, Lagos

Time: 9am

Register FREE! Click here to register now:


Use prolificglobalconcepts@gmail.com as your email ID referral

Or call 09030000981 for more information


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How to Win in 2019


Simply put:

Win life by avoiding two things in life ….;

Comparing with others…,

And Expecting too much from others..!


You can’t FIX yourself by BREAKING Someone else. ⛱

Career tip for 2019 by Babatunde Duroshola on Twitter

Get yourself a

– Coach: someone who motivates and directs you to access your full potential

– Mentor: Someone who is much more experienced person who guides you

– Sponsor: Someone Who is a senior position that always advocates for you ( I think I need this o. A close mouth is a close destiny! Any volunteer? I will be more than grateful 🙏 T&C apply)

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In The Spirit of Christmas 🎄



#ItsChristmas! 💃💃💃

I’m more than grateful to God for all He has done and He is doing for me; especially for having you on my contact list as a loyal fan!💃💃😀😘

Like seriously, the truth is *Being thankful can help us frame things as they occur in our lives. If you have a grasp on what you’re grateful for you can better understand how everything has a time and a place. The seasons flow more smoothly from fall to winter and winter to spring.*

Again, Christ Love is the reason for the season!

*”Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”* Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanks for being who you are, just continue to be at least for me. Lol

Wishing you a merry Christmas 🎄

May the reason (Jesus) for the season have a full expression in my life and yours too! Amen.

@prolificstella 😘

#No1 Passionate Skill Acquisition Trainer in Africa ✔️

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