An Act of Charity


Outstanding morning to you, no doubt your yesterday went well just as mine (I hope I guessed right?). It’s was stressful though, the joy on the faces of the women these 3days and the smiles on their lips kept flashing through my memory… #Fulfillment

When you hear #StudentsTestimonies “….if anyone had told me before now that I’d be able to make these beautiful AnkaraCraft: bags, lapels, hair bows, bow-ties, at this time of the year, I’d have doubted it with all my heart” Mrs Ruth Harrison

“After the first day, I got home yesterday to start marketing my the new skill I’ve acquired to my Neighbours and church members that I now produce good air freshener, I’m happy for the privilege given to me by DCF to learn this simple income-bringing skill…” Mrs Comfort Oyinbo

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” –Napoleon Hill

Indeed, everyone’s limitation is his imagination…

I was more than excited as well 💃💃💃 yesterday being the ground finale of the three days intensive skill acquisition training #CSRProjectWeekend @DeltaAfrikCharitableFoundation of DeltaAfrik Engineering. About 20 women were empowered with marketable skills #AnkaraCrafts in collaboration with Prolific Stella Initiative of Prolific Global Concepts. Business cannot be said to be successful when the society around them fails! DCF has also gone the extra-mile to motivate them with startup kits to run the business. Plus, we’ll be mentoring these women for 6months to ensure they are up and doing…

I most say, it was a privilege to be part of this great move to better our society (instead of being part of millions of complainers out there), to be a blessing to those that can’t help themselves (especially the less privileged). A wise man has said, we have two hands so we can help not just ourselves but others… The Itedo Community is one of the slum areas in Lekky where this training was heard. These women were more than grateful to especially Madam Isioma (a woman passionate about the well being of the less privileged) the team lead of DCF, for bringing this golden opportunity to them. Madam, you’re indeed phenomenal!

DeltaAfrik Charitable Foundation is passionate about improving the educational value given to the children in the immediate environment where the company has branches. 12 outstanding undergraduate Students from the Niger-Delta higher institutions were scholarships and effective training in engineering department for three days as well. In all, the #CSRProjectWeek organized by @DCF was a huge success and a plus to nation building.

A big thanks to my co-partners @JohnnoLatestShoes @FabulousBukayo @gvillacakes for the support. To God alone be all the glory.









This is for all Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you missed The Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Seminar in Abuja last Week Saturday then you really need to go through the report…you’ll be glad you did.

The Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur, Mr Chukwuma Ephraim Okenwu (C.E.O) has urged the youths to take the role of a leadership which starts from recognizing who they are before what they do.

In a mentoring session with the C.E.O tagged “Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Summit” held in Abuja on Saturday.

He noted that leadership has been widely accepted as influence authenticated by followership, which it is of great importance to note that been influential, does not make one a leader.

furthermore, he added the qualities of a good leader as; VISION: youths must have a clear picture of the destination called “FUTURE”. KNOWLEDGE: which is the edge you have by means of what you know. As they say ” study to show thyself approved”. SERVICE: according to Ubuntu Philosophy “I Am because We Are”. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: he said, a leader must be honest enough to acknowledge his bias, but must be objective largely not to allow that to influence his judgment, amongst others.

C.E.O stated that great leader, must learn to forgo past hurts for further hopes, as he must adequately be courageous to acknowledge his mistakes and profer solutions.

Above all, in the first session of “Emerging leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs”, he noted a great leader must be able to decode the “writing on the wall” at every point in time.


Have You Heard About THINKATION?

Think+Education is what the above mean,, but there is more to to it… Someone has said, Education is being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t know. Do you agree?! What out for this mind-shifting event #Thinkation2019 @ubongkingfoundation is the convener of this phenomenal event. If you don’t know @ubongking just google the name…



.#88Days to #Thinkation 2019: Out of the Box

Friends, habits, customs, and traditions not in harmony with a winning mindset are abandoned, replaced by new friends and activities that support a new life.

Simultaneously with academic conversion there must be a mental transition.

Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s 88 days to Nigeria’s number 1 mind shifting event #Thinkation.

You cannot afford to miss this edition.

Clear your schedule, mark your calendar and be ready to be part of #Thinkation2019 on 19/01/19

More details will be made available in the coming days.






















Go for Knowledge before Casting that VOTE!



A beautiful morning to you and I know it’s gonna be beautiful as well for you.

Election is at the corner and lots of manifestos are flying around…

Here is my quick one for you as a passionate nation builder who’s interested in the genuine growth of her Fatherland:

*BUILDING a better Nigeria simply means building a better you.*

This is the first and greatest of steps toward building a better Nigeria. “The strength of a nation,” says Samuel Smiles “depends on the character of the people. Individual development is national development.” We all wish to wake up one morning and find that everything has changed. We all are looking for one big change that will make our country better forgetting the fact that we are the change we seek.

*As the Chinese proverb goes: “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”*

Join me @prolificstella1 on the 3rd November, 2018 as we together build our Nation by first building ourselves as Patriotic Nigerians @ Future Leaders Conference 5.0

📞 ‭+234 703 022 7566‬ for more info ( on partnership and all)

To register, click on the link @ http://www.futureleadershipconference.com/

#FLC2018 #FLConference #FutureLeadershipConference #Transition #Leadership #Patriotism #Youth #CEOs #LatsTalkRealChange @markidiahi @cosmicmacduff

It’s to take responsibility and get involved. 🇳🇬








Arise O’ Compatriot! #FLC2018 is here

Here is a loyalty call to you and I:

To be a patriot of one’s country is to serve your nation and uphold her integrity.

Arise O’ Compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey.

These are the first two lines of the Nigerian national anthem. I must have said these lines over a thousand times from when I started nursery school till my last days in secondary school.

It is etched in my memory and it would never fade away. There are millions of young Nigerians like myself who know these words by heart. I guess the main focus should be do we mean what we say?

The third line of the anthem starts with “to serve our fatherland” which is a call to patriotism.

How patriotic are you?

To be a Nigerian is more than just being born in this country. It is more than supporting the Super Eagles when a football match is on. Proudly Naija is more than a tagline. It is a way of life.

To be patriotic means to be intensely loyal to one’s country. The first two lines of the National pledge goes thus “I pledge to Nigeria my country. To be faithful, loyal and honest.”

Apart from being loyal to Nigeria, you need to have faith to be patriotic. Faith here does not represent one of the Christian attributes. It means faith in Nigeria. It means having faith that Nigeria will one day rise in the league of nations to become a world power and indeed the giant of Africa. It means attending the FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. it means coming together as one to change the Narratives.

Join us at the FUTURE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 5.0 as we make history in our country Nigeria.

Register at http://www.futureleadershipconference.com/


Here is Your Opportunity! Hurry!!


Top of the day to you my amazing digital family! 😄😄

Yea! It’s been a while a came up with a great opportunity as this!

Recently, I have being getting numerous of DM (direct means) of inquiries to learn a skill, I get mails that reads “Prolific, how can I make additional money from home with the little I have?, I want to do a business with that will run from my home when I’m still working,…” So, I have decided to do this : I call it #NegotiationWeek 👏👏👏👏🙄

Here is your lucky day if you belief!!!

Do you have desire to learn how to make simple crafts that will keep fetching you money from the comfort of your home ? Or, are you looking for an additional source of income that you can start with little or no capital self?! Prolific Stella has this for you: Call 📞 now 08090815369 or 08035584160 before this week runs out, *to negotiate* what skill ( click here to check http://bit.ly/ProlificStellaSKillAcquisitionProgram) or craft (tell her about it) you can learn that will add value in form of #Money to you! Hurry now and you be glad you did! #WeDontJustTrainWeAddValue

Prolific Stella


No1 Passionate Skill Acquisition Trainer in Africa






Why Focus?!


It’s been a while a posted here. It’s because I traveled to an area where network isn’t stable but the good thing is my clients were ready to wait for my delivery.

So here is my #FoodForThought

“One of the keys 🔑 to success according to Brain Tracy is to *focus* our conscious mind on things we desire, not on things we fear.”

Someone has said that: Focus simply means- *Follow One Course Until Sucess* (what’s that one thing you want to focus on? For some, it may just be your Brand, your vision, why you are in business, why you do what you do, etc.)

Ok so go all out to focus more on improvement rather than competing with another! 👌

Always love what you do, it’s another key 🔑 to success #MySecret 😘


No1 Passionate Skill Acquisition Trainer in Africa