Change Conference and Digital Marketing Session

So yesterday, I has an amazing time @orientalhotels where we got mind blowing sessions #BecomingTheChange #TheRoleOfSocialMediaInTheForthcomingElection @GtextMedia

What a loaded day! #Gbam! πŸ”¨

No doubt @stephenakintayo’s #ChangeConference + #DigitalMarketingTraining made my yesterday. Starting from the networking session…, it was resourceful to my career as #ProlificStella πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Like seriously, it was a privilege meeting at the same time facilitating alongside @iamimanuel the man in the #Dropshipping , #Logistics #MiniImportationCoach #Business @kayconcepts @mayconceptsolution today! I’m even more than blessed as a facilitator….bottomline these guys have challenged me o. Oya, #GoingBacktothedrawinvboard

Today is the day two don’t miss it for anything!

*No road leading to our venue is blocked.*

Remember that Excuse is a luxery successful people cannot afford. Social Media Week Bootcamp is at Radisson Hotel, GRA, Ikeja. Event is FREE and Starts 8am today.

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