Come out of it now!

#LikeSeriously 😀

Read what I saw on my elder brother’s wall today 😳😎

“let’s not be self deceptive, RECESSION IS NOT EVERYWHERE!!!” ( I said to myself, Interesting 😀)

Financial Resources didn’t grow wings and flew out to anywhere, it is still there. What you’ve got to understand is:
* Know your Skills
* Review your Skills, Polish your Skills, Make them very Relevant to current challenges, Upgrade and Update your Skills.

* Add more-relevant Skills to your Incumbent Ones.
* Don’t be Unaffordable.

* Research, Seek the Face of God, Receive Divine Guidance and Direction from the Lord.
* Get yourself Fixed somewhere in the Supply Chain.
* Help others❗️

-Some people are doing House Warming in recession; Giving-More to People in the recession; Paying the Children’s School Fees ahead of Next Year – in recession.
The Ball is in your Court to either keep complaining like others – hating people who are doing well,

OR STAND-UP, take hold of your life, and MOVE FORWARD.

Check out the list of skills you can acquire @

#Lobatan 🔨



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