It’s Time to Add Value to Gain More Income


Top of the day to you, your excellency!

No doubt, your week has been result-oriented. 😏

I’m the course of the week, I’ve been getting DMs from different people on *”What can I do to better my finance? How can I make more money before thinking of saving and investing? how I can I add to my sources of income? What best investment can I do?* the list continues

But the truth is *we use money to look for money*

It’s weekend again, if yours hasn’t, then you need to think of a way to add value to yourself: remember that the best investment/value you can ever do is *in yourself*

A wiseman said, *”When a man empties his pockets in his brain 🧠, no one can steal that treasure from him except when he leaves the earth 🌏”*

Emptying your pocket into your brain means spending money to empower yourself. This is one great Favour you can give yourself and you’d be happy you did. ✔️

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Again, Strati Georgopoulous said:

*”You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of becoming….. No matter what your current circumstance are.”*🔥

Enjoy your weekend not without giving this a thought.


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Assumptions isn’t Good for Final Judgement!

This morning I got a message from a Whatsap group I belonged to and I decided to open and read… It was a word in the topic of the write up that got me curious to read- lAssumptions”

Assumption, I learnt as an educationist is the lowest form of intelligence. Don’t you know what happened if you aren’t sure! Take your take to be sure of what really happened if you must give your final judgement about any person, situation or event… I’d hope this gets into someone to stop the act of assumption on everything including giving judgement


“A few days ago, I went to an event, a house-warming ceremony.

When I entered the compound, I saw some elders I knew sitting in one corner. I went up to them and started to greet them one after the other.

I shook their hands, even with the ones I didn’t know until I got to one man. I didn’t know him and when I extended my hand, he ignored it. After a few seconds, I withdrew the hand.

I felt very embarrassed and angry. Embarrassed for myself and angry at the man.

What was he feeling like, I thought. All those other men accepted my greeting, older men even. And to my knowledge, I hadn’t done anything wrong. I gave him a very scornful look, greeted the remaining men and went to take a seat.

Now, even after I sat down, I was still pissed. I kept stealing glances at the man to see how he would react to other people.

Then I saw it…

He was blind!!!

His eyes were open, but he couldn’t see at all! The other people who came to greet him had to touch him first, then take his hand if they wanted to shake hands with him.

Now my embarrassment level tripled. In addition to that, I felt stupid, very stupid. I was still angry, just angry at myself. I felt like that till I left the occasion.”

Assumption kills like poison. Any small thing, we assume…

Someone doesn’t pick our calls, we assume he or she is avoiding us or is up to something…

Someone doesn’t give us the money we asked for, we assume he or she is stingy and wicked…

Once we are turned or rejected, we start assuming…

We don’t put into consideration what the other party might be going through.

The guy that promised you money might get into a financial situation a day before he’s supposed to give you the money.

The person that didn’t pick your call was probably in a meeting or too busy at that moment, or even sleeping. He might not be in the mood to take your call.

But we just assume instead…because it’s easier and it tends to make us the good guys…

Give someone benefit of the doubt…..make an excuse for that person……

It’s not always as it seems…..


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The Story of The Liberation Mandate Continues… #DavidOyedepoMinistries


by Leke Beecroft


The Living Faith World Outreach Centre (LFWOC) also known as The Living Faith Church or Winners‘ Chapel was founded by Brother David Olaniyi Oyedepo in 1983.. The church was commissioned in Kwara State, Northern Nigeria on September 17, 1983 and Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God commissioned the ministry.

At inception, Pastor David Oyedepo was instructed to move to Kaduna. The Kaduna Church consisted of four members and started on December 11, 1983. During a Powerhouse meeting in April 1982, Brother David Oyedepo listed seven areas where God had spoken to him concerning the future of the ministry. He stated that “at the base of the commission will be a tent which will sit 50,000 people”. He stated that very soon there will be millions gathering at the base to listen to the gospel. He added that he saw them flying with the gospel on wings which showed that soon the ministry will have her own aircraft. He added that the whole world will soon be able to hear the message of the commission from the base. At that time, the internet as we know it today was not in view.

At the inception of the ministry, David Oyedepo got instruction to commit the spoken word into writing with the same measure of proof. This led to the establishment of the Dominion Publishing House which won the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Gold Award in 1996 and has produced over 5 million books till date.

In 1987 while in the United States he got an instruction from God to “Get back home and make my people rich”. This served as a major thrust for the prosperity message of the commission. He was ordained as a “Bishop” by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission in 1988. During the church’s Easter faith convention in April 1987, Pastor David Oyedepo announced that the church was to begin to spread out and on 27 May,1987, exactly a month later, the first five branches of the church were established in Mubi, Azare, Biu, Maiduguri and Bauchi.

In 1989, Bishop Oyedepo received a vision from God to “Get down to Lagos and raise me a people”. This set the stage for the Lagos branch to start up in September 1989 with the name “Winners Chapel”.

The first service in Lagos had about 300 in attendance.

By December 1993, the Lagos church had 3,000 worshippers.

By December 1994 it had increased to 10,000 members.

In 1996, Archbishop Benson Idahosa was invited to dedicate the church’s Iyana Ipaja facility located at Raji Oba street. This consisted of a 3,000 seater auditorium with overflow facilities for 30,000 as well as an eight (8) floor tower which was the World Mission Agency headquarters. This $100 million facility was already largely inadequate in less than 2 years of its existence.

The church membership increased to 50,000 in single services by the middle of 1999. The name “Winners Chapel” soon became the popular name of the church even more so than the original name “The Living Faith World Outreach Centre” (LFWOC). Kaduna worshippers however still love to refer to the Kaduna Church as ” Garden of Faith or Living Faith”.

The Dominion Cathedral at the Garden of Faith was dedicated on December 1 1995. The Garden of Faith, formerly the national headquarters is now the Kaduna State headquarters of the church while Goshen City is the Mission Headquarters.In 1993, the Vice-President of the Living Faith Church and then senior Pastor of the Maiduguri church, Pastor David Abioye was ordained “Bishop”. Bishop Abioye is an exemplary leader and an epitome of faithfulness in the Living Faith church and christendom as a whole.

Driving back to Kaduna from Zaria after a meeting on May 4 1994, Bishop Oyedepo heard a call from God that “The harvest of Africa was over-ripe and that he should rush in and preserve it from decadence”. On May 8, 1994,the mandate was dedicated with a giant map of Africa and on January 15, 1995, the first missionaries left the shores of Nigeria. As at September 2010, Winners Chapel has branches in at least 63 cities in 48 African countries. The mandate to Africa is known as the African Gospel Invasion Program (AGIP). The foreign mandate is an arm of the World Mission Agency (WMA) of the ministry.

In 2000, the prompting came to reach out beyond Africa and this mandate is now known as the “Mission to the World” (MTW). There are at least 30 branches of Winners Chapel in the USA in cities like Houston, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Atlanta and Massachusetts. There are also branches in the UK, UAE, Belgium, The Caribbean, Canada, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan among others all over the world; in Nigeria alone, there are over 6,500 local branches. In the Lagos area, there are over 2,000 zonal fellowships and over 29,000satellite fellowships.

The number of Winners’ Chapel churches grew from about 700 in January 2010 to 2,500 by October 2010 before the present figure of over 6,000. Souls saved in the first ten months of the year 2013 in Faith Tabernacle alone numbered over 65,000 people and all these were given scholarships at the Word of Faith Bible Institute. In a Sunday in April 2019, the church increased by 848 branches. Overall, the Church intends to increase by 5,000 in 2019 making over 10,000 branches in total. Some 2,000 branches have already been established in 2019.

Faith Tabernacle attendance has averaged over 300,000 people on Sundays.

The Commission has 12 Pillars known as The Pillars of Faith. The Pillars are The Word, Faith, The Supernatural, The Holy Spirit, Prosperity, Prayer, Healing, Wisdom, Success, Vision, Consecration and Praise. The church teaches the importance of faith and that both divine healing and material prosperity are benefits of submission to God’s will.

The international headquarters of Winners Chapel is called Faith Tabernacle. It covers about 66 acres and is built inside an over 17,000-acre church complex called Canaanland, the international headquarters of the ministry in Ota, a suburb of Lagos. The building took 12 months to be completed. The foundation laying took place on August 29, 1998 and the announcement of the time frame of one year for the building project was announced on September 13, 1998 by Bishop Oyedepo at the Iyana Ipaja church while work began on September 18, 1998. The dedication of the building took place on September 19, 1999 with 97,800 people in attendance.

In December 1999, new bishops were ordained, notable among them is Bishop Thomas Aremu who has remained till now in the ministry and now a missioner. Furthermore, the church administration system was improved with the promulgation of the Mandate which is the constitution of the Church. Continents were also structured administratively. National pastors watch over state pastors. Under the state pastors are the resident pastors, provincial pastors, assistant provincial pastors, assistant pastors.

Faith Tabernacle is among the largest church auditoria in the world, with a sitting capacity of 50,400 people and an outside overflow capacity of over 250,000, with 4 services every Sunday. Construction completed in Canaanland till date is estimated to be not less than $600 million(N180 Billion). Faith Tabernacle is the fulfilment of the vision delivered in April 1982. Over 400,000 people have been counted at single meetings at Canaanland. Cannanland was procured in 1998 and was initially 530 acres (2.3 km2). Presently it is over 7,000 acres (28 km2) and will take about 130 km to navigate around it.

The Church’s plan to build another auditorium which will take between 120,000 and 200,000 people is in the offing within the ongoing Canaan City project.

As an educationist, Bishop David Oyedepo’s mission currently pioneers the establishment of educational institutions at all levels in and outside Nigeria, including the recently established Covenant University with over 7,000 students as well as Faith Academy with 1,500 students both located in Canaanland. Covenant university was well documented in a Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) documentary on the Nigerian 50th independence anniversary because of landmark achievements in its few years of existence.

Covenant University was adjudged the best private university in Nigeria in 2005 and one of the goals of the institution is to be among the best in the world by or before 2020. According to Bishop Oyedepo, “Covenant University is not just an institution, it is a revolution in education”. Faith Academy also placed fourth among Nigerian secondary schools in the 2010 Senior secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).

The second university of the church is Landmark University in Omu Aran, Kwara State. Construction at Landmark university is estimated to be in the realm of about $150 million (N48 billion). The university was licensed in March 2011 and presently ranks among the top 20 of Nigeria’s 170 universities. Landmark University consists presently of 1,400 acres. There are plans for 5 more universities to be constructed across Africa including Kings University, Goshen, Abuja and Crown University, Calabar in Nigeria. Others are in Accra, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nairobi, Kenya. A very expansive 1,000 acres of land have already been acquired for the university in Ghana while 300 hectares (about 750 acres) have been acquired for the Congo university and this is going to be a French speaking university. Some years ago, former President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia appealed to the World Mission Agency (WMA) of the Living Faith Church to build a university in The Gambia.

Some other projects that were announced during the initial foundation laying in Canaanland in 1999 include a towering administrative headquarters and 500 bed hospital among many other projects.

Winners’ Chapel also runs a chain of about 20 Secondary schools and over 180 Primary and nursery schools in Nigeria. The secondary schools are known as Faith Academies except those located in within the universities known as Covenant University and Landmark University Secondary Schools respectively. The Nursery and Primary Schools are known as Kingdom heritage Model Schools (KHMS). Some of the secondary schools are located in Badagry, Benin, Warri, Ota, Iyana Ipaja, Ibadan, Lokoja, Asaba, Kaduna and Osogbo. The mission is presently working on plans to build at least a secondary school each in every country in Africa. It also has a Bible School, called The Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI); this is the biggest such group in Nigeria with branches in over 50 countries worldwide including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. As at 2004, WOFBI had trained over 100,000 people all over Africa. WOFBI has 21 campuses in the Lagos Area.

Some other assets of the Church are the including a fixed wing Challenger 604 listed in the Forbes 500. The fleet includes a helicopter. The Church fleet is known as the Dominion Airlines which is used strictly for missionary work and the church has also procured an aircraft Hangar at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. The Dominion Aviation Center, a Hangar owned by the church costed about $2.5 million.

The Church also owns Dominion Publishing House, which turns out books and other materials written by David and Faith Oyedepo and David Abioye. Bishop Oyedepo has written over 70 books apart from many also written by Bishop Abioye and Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo.


The Month of Grace and Mercy is Here: MAY 💃💃💃

Hurry!!! This is specially, specifically, intentionally for you! I’m sure you’ve longed for this from the beginning of this year, especially the way things are going in the way you didn’t expect…! Be glad and shout for *Joy!*




It’s the month of *Grace and Mercy* here!!!

Like seriously, I’m so excited about this Month because of so many things in it for you and I! 😀🤩

*The month of May* is the fifth month which represents *Grace and Mercy.*

Therefore, in this month of May: *The Grace of God* will seek you and I out every frustration and *His mercy* will continue to locate us in all of our endeavours. No more wasted efforts, no more delayed expectations in Jesus’ name! Amen! #HappyNewMonth #HappyWorksDay

Happy #LiberationWeek to all the *Winners Family world 🌎 wide. God is revalidating the #LiberationMandate in our midst again. This is the more reason for my excitement!*😀🤩😀Congratulations! #DancingTinz 💃💃🎊🎉


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The Birth of The Liberation Mandate… #DavidOyedepoMinistries

This will help those that knew little or nothing about David Oyedepo Ministries, especially how he started and how God has brought him this far… Adu Stella fondly called Prolific Stella has decided to post this story from the beginning as compiled by Leke Beecroft

On a newly declared public holiday (May Day) by Nigeria’s first executive President, Shehu Shagari and on the 1st day May 1981, during a period of crisis between Ife and Modakeke, Brother David Oyedepo, 26, went to visit Pa S.G Elton and another friend in Ilesa, a town in the old Oyo State but ‘unfortunately’, the friend was not home. He was disappointed, but instead of going to stay with any of his numerous friends in Ilesa, he said in his spirit that all things work together for good to them that love God.

He then heard God say to him “Seek a quiet place; I want to talk to you”. David went ahead and rented a room in the ‘International Hotel Ilesa’. The hotel was anything but ‘international’ in its outlook. As he knelt down to pray, he had an open vision. At the end of the open vision encounter which lasted about 18 hours, he saw a roll of afflicted, battered, beaten, tattered, deformed people.

The blind, the lame and those in rags were weeping, wailing, groaning and agonizing as a result of pains and pangs and crying for rescue. David was moved with compassion, sobbed profusely and even joined them in weeping, asking “Why Lord?”

He heard God respond “But from the beginning, it was not so”. Still, David questioned further, “But why Lord?” and then he got a mandate

“ The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task”.

The mandate was further confirmed to him from the epistle of Paul in the book of Ephesians of the new testament of the Bible. “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked” (Ephesians 6:16).


After that encounter, David called his partner, Faith Abiola Akano, along with Brother David Abioye, Emmanuel ‘Oset’, Joseph Ebrohimen and Dickson Olorunda among others and shared the vision with them. Shortly after, a weekly teaching program took off known as the “Faith Liberation Hour” Also, a group known as the “Power house” was assembled which engaged in prayers and fastings among other activities in order to actualize the heavenly vision. Additionally, Brother David began to engage in deep study. He studied 39 selected biographies, among them were those of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, Bishop Benson Idahosa, John G. Lake, Kenneth Erwin Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Thomas Lee Osborn, Oral Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, Asa Alonzo Allen, Jack Coe, Billy Graham, John Alexander Dowie, Kathryn Kuhlman and many others. This he did because of his knowledge that there was nothing new under the sun and he wanted to understand how people were called, how they pursued their calling and the mistakes they made so that he would not have to remake those mistakes. He also checked what gallant steps they took as instructed by God and what came out of it.

Among the lessons he learnt was from the biography of Jack Coe who engaged in endless competition with his contemporary ministers of the gospel and died at the age of 38. He learnt that as Christians, “ we are not in a competition but pursuing the great commission in our various commissions”.

Brother David was inspired in the school of prosperity by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, in the school of faith by Kenneth Hagin, in the school of boldness by Asa Alonzo Allen and in the healing school by Smith Wigglesworth. He spent 26 months in preparation, communion, watching, praying, fasting, thinking and planning.

There was need for him to lay hold on details of the vision as well as a time chart to follow. During that period, he once wrote a letter to Florence his fiancee, it stated:

“Jerusalem is in pains, our mother is in travail, the whole creation is groaning, awaiting Zion to manifest her sons. Prisoners are awaiting their emancipation. Zion shall not only bring forth prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers, but shall bring forth saviours” (Obadiah 2:1).

He continued ’Yet a little while and these saviours shall surface on the face of the whole earth. Joel 2, Zechariah 8 and all the related scriptures shall be fulfilled. The arrival of these saviours will compel the followership of multitudes that cannot be numbered. They will carry such aroma, the awesomeness of God will be so visible upon them, their operations shall be unique and strange. Yet a little while and saviours will surface on the face of the whole earth. Zion is in her month, this mighty army shall be released in just a moment.”


He was also of the opinion at the start of the ministry that he had to go to the United States of America for tutorship in ministry at a Bible School just like Benson Idahosa had done a few years back. Paul also had been tutored in Arabia he reasoned. This was therefore announced to other brethren who were to go along with him. One day God spoke to him via scriptures “the things you are looking for come not from Abroad but from ABOVE; you are going to NO America”. Immediately he announced this to the brethren which got some of them upset and even left the young budding ministry.


On 10 April 1982 at a unique vision sharing meeting of the Power House, God gave Brother David the following prophecies which he declared at the meeting. He said God told him the following:

1.This ministry is not out to debate doctrines, but to prove the power of the Holy Ghost.

2. The work of this ministry shall not be limited to this country alone, but to other nations and Church establishment on the mission field shall be the goal, where the living word will be taught”.

3. “At the base of this ministry, a tent shall be built to contain 50,000 people”.

4. ‘A telecast shall be used to put on screen the gospel across nations”.

5. “The printing press shall operate at an industrial scale, first to christian organizations, and then to the public at large…..”.

6. Brother Oyedepo declared that he saw ‘wings passing across nations’. this was interpreted to mean an airplane flying to other nations carrying the gospel of liberation. 7. Lastly, it was declared that very soon, millions shall gather at the base of the ministry to listen to the gospel. These prophecies were however too hard for some members of the group and they soon left the power House.


During this period, Brother David was involved in so much fasting and prayer in his quest for genuine power that he grew very lean and on many occasions vomitted blood. Many times, he would go up alone to the mountains like Apostle Babalola to seek God’s face in prayer.

On one occasion, he encountered a snake but came to no hurt. Another time, he was under heavy rain for 3 days and nights in spiritual solitude. He decided to ‘burn his bridges’ early and bind himself to his new assignment. He said to God “Lord, should I pretend not to have heard You, see to it that I do not succeed in any other thing I do”.

Shortly before the 18 hour vision, David went on a trip in March 1981 to locate the secret of ’Kingdom Prosperity”. he took along 3 books. The Bible, ‘God’s Will is Prosperity’ by Gloria Copeland and ’The Law of Prosperity’ by Kenneth Copeland on the trip meant to last at least 3 days. At the end of the first day, he came across Jeremiah 33:20-22 and understood that prosperity for God’s children was a covenant. Illuminated with that understanding, he came out of the room where he had been studying in only his short knickers and screamed “ I Can Never Be Poor”.

On October 4, 1981, while in prayers and meditation in the city of Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria, David wrote a letter to his future wife, Faith sharing some things he believed God was saying to him. This day according to him was when he entered the office of a prophet. “I speak from my office as a prophet” he said “that we matter to this generation by divine election”. David continued “The living faith is the acting faith, and the acting faith is the winning faith and the winning faith is the conqueror’s faith”. That day, he received the name of the church to be established “LIVING FAITH CHURCH”.


At about this time, Brother David prayed to God to connect him with the secrets behind the Acts of the Apostles. Shortly after, he was called to minister and as he was preaching, he found himself at the back of the congregation without realizing he had gotten there.

Shortly before then, he had gone into the mountain in Illesa town to spend some time with God. He got into the mountain and went on a study of the Book of Ezekiel with a torchlight and in the process, saw a snake. Later it began to rain heavily and he got drenched in the rain. At the end of the study, he heard God say “Behold, I have touched your tongue with a coal of fire, from henceforth, as you say it, you shall see it.”


The initial understanding brother David had about the liberation commission was that it was going to be an outreach operation since as he felt then, all every kind of church was already existing. He could not imagine a church connection with the commission and believed that what was needed to ignite the fire of the Holy Ghost in churches was itinerant preaching in churches instead of founding new ones. One day in November 1982, he heard God clearly from Luke 1:1-3,

“Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us,

Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word;


From these verses, he understood that the mandate shall have a church base, all that was in existence notwithstanding.


On the 4th of February 1983, as he was in his study going through a magazine called ‘New Wine’, he heard God say “The word I put into your mouth, the same commit into writing and I will cause the same unction upon the spoken word to rest upon the written word, bringing about the same effect.” This gave birth to the Dominion Publishing House (DPH) of the ministry. While waiting in a fast in May 1983, he heard a voice saying “I will through this ministry raise the foundation of many other ministries.” This was understood by brother David to mean that the ministry would be involved in training men and women for spiritual leadership, not only in pulpit ministry, but in all areas of human endeavours.


Brother David began to sense in 1983 that the stage was set for the vision to set off. He set time apart to secure his marching order. He asked in prayer if it was time and he heard a heavenly host singing “Be in time, the harvest is ripe”. He was in tears and knew the time had come.

David Oyedepo resigned from the Federal Ministry of Works to begin the quest. A respected minister then called him and asked him to make sure he had money to fall back on since he was embarking on a very challenging vocation. He replied that he did not have any savings and that if he had any, he would make sure he spent it before starting off. It was an action that seemed like arrogance. His Brother Hezekiah called to ask him what he was going to be doing in Kaduna and he said he would be writing tracts. Amazed at the answer, his uncle asked how he would be feeding and he answered “God will provide!”


In September 1983, David was directed to request a certain pastor, Enoch Adejare Adeboye, a recently ordained General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to come and lay hands on him to commission the ministry as he was not supposed to start off on his own like other ministers had done before him. This direction was based on Deuteronomy 34:9. He requested Pastor Adeboye’s presence in Ilorin but Pastor Adeboye declined since he had another engagement for that same day. Oyedepo went back to God in prayers and God directed him to go back to Pastor Adeboye and before he could do so, Pastor E.A Adeboye sent a message that God had asked him to come and do the commissioning.


On 17 September 1983, in Ilorin, Kwara State, Pastor Adeboye preached a message from Matthew 21:1-11. The lesson was that Brother David was the ‘donkey’ who was stepping on people’s garments while Jesus was his rider and that as far as he kept Jesus the rider on his back, people would keep spreading their garments for him to step on.

During the service, Pastor David made a statement which upset a number of people present. He narrated an encounter he had with God while praying. He said God told him “My son, you have two eyes. Can you make one to look up and the other to look down?” he gave it a try and discovered that it was not possible. God then said “Whenever you are looking unto man, never claim you are looking unto Me, and whenever you are looking unto Me, you can not be looking unto man. For they that look unto me are lightened and their faces are not ashamed (Psalm 34:5). Look unto Me and you will not be ashamed. If you look unto men, you will fail. I am your source, I am your strength for the battle. I am all that you need, I am your sufficiency. The moment you start looking to any other source for help, you will fail woefully.” Brother David declared “God has warned me not to rely on you.” The newly ordained Pastor declared that the ministry will not have ‘supporters’ or ‘partners’ which was the vogue in many other ministries. He added that the salaries of the Ministry workers for their whole lives will never be enough to run the Ministry.

The Ministry was named the “Living Faith World Outreach Centre” (LFWOC).