Young Life Club

So we had over 150 teenagers gathered together from different schools and neighborhood for *Young Life Club camp meeting last weekend* To God alone be all the glory πŸ™πŸ»

Simply puts, Young life is a club for teenagers/adolescents to help them learn via story telling from learners; most importantly to draw the attention of kids away from ungodly behaviour to Christ our saviour, The Holy Spirit our guidance and God our creator. younglife.org

No doubt, the children were more than excited as they had the opportunity to exhibit their talents, learnt a lot from the leaders (aunties and the uncles) while playing.
Again, Young life is an NGO: a club for teens that seeks to lead children to Christ through *what they love doing* Many Thanks to Good Shepherd School for accommodating is today. #GodBlessTheLeaders #BuildingTheNextGeneration #TheYoungShallGrow
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