5 Reasons Why Children should be celebrated

I will forever love the company of children; not because I have a ministry with them, but because there is this awe of possibility I feel anytime I have the opportunity to chat one –on-one with them. In my few years of teaching as a professional teacher; I have seen a few of these virtues in them which I think it is worth celebrating every time it is their day. In Nigeria we celebrate children on the 27th day in May. While some other countries have their special dedicated days they do likewise.

IMAG1355I must say here that of the major reasons we should celebrate children is:

The traits of a child are enough reasons why we should celebrate them. Here are some of the blessings children give to those around them:

1) Innocence

IMG_20141026_124207They are pure and unpolluted from the world. They are sponges that will soak up whatever their environment is in life, good or bad. They have a clean slate and can love anything and do anything if fed with healthy encouragement. Children are the ones that have the biggest dreams and believe they can do anything. They believe life is simple and so are the problems in it. Many adults like to complicate issues, and if you ask a child, they will usually give you a simple solution. If they are taught right from wrong they are the biggest motivators for adults on doing the right thing. “Mommy, you said that was a swear word.” “Daddy we should pray for that person.” The innocence of a child brings a sunbeam of hope to this world.

IMG-20131016-WA00072) Simplicity

Children love the simple pleasures in life. Life’s busyness and brokenness changes an adult’s perspective, so many adults lose sight of the blessings around them. Children are content and happy with the little they have. Give them a box or card for Christmas and they are happy. A child’s pure love for simplicity is refreshing to those around them; their mindset of thinking life to be simple opens others eyes and helps them see the thanksgivings we have in life. Not only do children think life to be simple but the simplest gift from a child, like a: kiss, smile, hug, laugh or piece of art feels like an abundant act of love to those around them.

IMG_20140518_1203473) Faith

They have so much faith in people and in themselves. Children have no fear in being themselves which in general allows them to be the friendliest age group in the human race. They also have unconditional love towards people, especially towards their parents. Whether you’re their parent, friend, or acquaintance children trust you. They believe the best in people which is an excellent healthy trait to have in life.

4) Outlook

Children are usually more positive than adults and because of this they help adults see the world through their eyes. As my mom would say, they have rose-colored-glasses. They help you rediscover the simple pleasures in life by teaching us adults to slow down. For example, an infant fascination with how a fan spins. This simple appliance goes unnoticed but brings joy and mystery to a kid. Every moment with a child is an adventure. Their imagination is entertaining and their energy is contagious. From all these lessons children teach parents on how to become more like Jesus.

5) Light

Children give us so much; they allow us to witness the miracle of beginnings of life and growth. They are precious gifts from God, lifelong investments that bless adults with so much-“that is the more reason why the bible says blessed is he that has his quiver full of them”. Children are teachers- as a teacher’ I have learnt a lot from my children in the course of teaching, they teach parents to be selfless, humble, and compassionate. Children bring out the best in people because they teach us important lessons; they are the sun-rays in this dark world that we need to remember to appreciate. Thus; we must see them as the future of our great nation Nigeria, they are the ones that will rescue us from this political saga that is ranging our peace as a nation. Their education should not be taken lightly. I am wishing every child and every child, student I have been privileged to teach and be a contributor to their destiny as well happy children’s day! May your future never be aborted in Jesus name!IMG-20140629-01142

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I produce CEO Mentorship with Stephen Akintayo

About The Radio Programme: CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo

CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo focuses on success-stories of CEOs with household names in the world of career and business with over ten years’ experience. It is a known fact that in our everyday life, people strive for success in business/career to get to the top; but the irony of it all is that, a lot are sincerely wrong in their approach to starting a business and building a career of their choice! It is either they are doing the right thing in the wrong way or doing the wrong thing in the right way; which would continue to lead to unending frustration! Thus; Success in business is guaranteed when one is mentored by someone who has acquired deeper knowledge and has over the years, gained indefatigable wealth of experiences in the ups and downs of such business/career. This means that climbing the shoulders of successful giants ahead of you makes you better off your contemporaries. In view of this; , a grandee, motivational speaker, professional digital marketer, Stephen Akintayo launches CEO mentorship– a weekly radio programme which is aimed at guiding individuals on the path of success in their business/career endeavour by bringing great CEOs of impeccable prestige on board; to unleash their success journey so far in their different businesses and careers. Stephen Akintayo ones shared the lesson of one of his mentor’s protégé: When a football star refuses to retire to become a couch; he will soon pay to enter the same stadium others pay to watch him played. But if he does retires to become a couch, when the reigning stars see him; they will point to him and say ’couchy!’ With this; he will not lose relevance”

The vision of The Mentor- Stephen Akintayo is social empowerment, to birth more CEOs in our society so that there will be less job seekers, frustrated entrepreneurs and confused individuals roaming the street.

Each week on the show, a CEO with a household name comes on board to share his/her knowledge and experience on the ladder to success.

The crux of the programme is that at the end of each epistle, one among the listeners is given the opportunity to be mentored by either Stephen Akintayo or the CEO of the week; by filling a sign-up form when they visit www.stephenakintayo.com and like all Stephen Akintayo’s social media platforms. First, the lucky winner gets to have a dinner with the CEO of the week at Protea Hotel & Suits, Select, Ikeja, Lagos. This dinner is sponsored by the host of the programme-Stephen Akintayo. Second, the lucky winner will be mentored by the CEO of the week for 6 months!

CEO mentorship airs on City FM 105.1 every Tuesday from 6:30-7:00pm.

It will interest you to know that the radio programme-CEOmentorship with Stephen Akintayo had featured the likes of Jimi Tewe, Frank Osodi, Dr. karen Joash, Dr. Ope Banwo, Femi Awoyemi, Bunmi Davis, Matthew Stewart and a host of other successful entrepreneurs.

Today’s conference among others gives every individual present here to help the opportunity to ask the most burdening questions of their lives, thereafter get to hear these grandees unleash log lasting solution to business and career plagues

Tune in to CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo by 6:300pm and hear what Stephen akintayo’s beneficiaries have to say about the program so far; and testimonies from digital marketing training classes so far, to be a part of our next Digital marketing training…. Don’t miss it for anything! Also we will be talking about our ecommerce website Gstore.com.ng




Why is Mobile Marketing So Important for Entrepreneurs?

It is no news that the mobile phone is now the best office anyone can ever have because it is important to know that mobile marketing is an important market that is too big to ignore in our contemporary world. Just like the MTN latest advert that says “Apptitude is the best attitude to learning….”mobile Hence it is important for every entrepreneur to go digital; the truth is that the world has gone digital and so should any anyone and any business that want to remain relevance; there is need for constant empowerment digitally. This is one of the reasons my MD is committed to organizing trainings on “Become a digital marketing consultant” This Saturday 30th May there is another important training at Sheraton Hotel 30, Mobolaji BankAnthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos. It is important for every entrepreneur to make it to that training. If anyone thinks education is expensive such should try ignorance..!

IMG_1785Today, I will like to a few reasons why mobile marketing is expedient to every entrepreneur. I’m sure you’re well aware of the emergence of smartphones and tablets, but really focus on how prevalent they are the next time you’re, well…the next time you’re anywhere. Take a minute to observe your surroundings when you’re in these places or situations:


  • The workplace – have you ever called anybody ‘at the office’ anymore? Not often, as our phones are always with us, even at meetings or during lunch. Many people also use their smartphones after work to keep up with the never-ending flow of emails. Meanwhile, tablets are gaining prominence in offices as they’re often used in the field to take notes and record video or for sales and presentations.
  • Churches –even in worship place, you will notices that people no longer want to carry their bibles and jotter anymore because they prefer the easy way-mobile, smartphones and tabs
  • IMG_2717Entries – the next time you’re in a coffee shop, count the number of devices you see in the store. Chances are there will be a few people fiddling with their phones in line, some others sitting alone having a coffee and reading the news or playing a game on their tablets, and the rest will be sitting in pairs or groups talking (but phones will still be in hand or somewhere close, may be on the table). No crystal ball here – just reality.
  • Shopping – whether it’s checking their list at the grocery store, comparing product reviews and prices, or texting without watching where they’re walking, people are using their phones while they’re on the move.
  • A family function – check it out over the holiday season when you visit family. You’ll see both kids and adults reading and playing games on tablets and everybody will be checking their phones in between pauses in conversation. The lucky ones will get phones, tablets or other devices as gifts. what did you think they are checking, they want to check and reply their mails, messages, current news, where best to buy and do business, etc.IMG_2628

So, what all these hypothetical anecdotes have to do with mobile marketing and your business? Simply put, there are a lot of people living in the mobile arena, which means that’s where marketing needs to go. Look at the dawn of TV and the computer; new, poplar mediums attract scores of people, and the best marketing follows the people.

Here are a few reasons why putting your company into the mobile marketing game is so important:


IMG_2970According to the Pew Internet & Life Project as of 2013, 56% of adult Americans have a smartphone and 35% have tablets. These numbers are rapidly rising year over year, especially among the younger generations (your future customers). You have to be where your customers are to be successful and your customers – no matter what business you’re in – are living in a mobile world. The optics for companies who refuse to get involved in the mobile market aren’t good – it looks like they are either falling behind and losing touch or they just don’t care. Consumers are giving businesses an opportunity to engage with them on a level they’re comfortable with…what’s not to love about that? For perception’s sake, try mobile marketing on for size…you may like how it feels.

EfficiencyIMG_2930 IMG_2921

Do you want to give your customers a consistent brand experience across all relevant mediums? Check for responsive web design. Do you want to reach your customers at the right times when they’re in the right locations? Check for GPS monitoring. Do you want to interact with your customers in new and interesting ways? Check for QR codes. Mobile marketing works and it’s out there making your competitors’ campaigns more efficient. By effectively integrating with your current digital marketing strategies, mobile marketing can increase engagement, boost conversions and enhance overall results of your productivity and service delivery as entrepreneur.

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8 Reasons to Update Your Business Plan Right Now

imageWriting a business plan is one of those skills that improve with practice. The first one or two times you create a plan you may feel a little unsure of yourself and even less certain that what you’re doing has value. If you go on to start several ventures during your career, you’ll naturally write several business plans, and each one will be better than the last. And even in productivity; I noticed that my latest production is always better than the previous. It’s likely as well that with better planning skills will come improved business skills, boosting the odds that each successive company you start will do better than the previous one. But there’s no reason that only serial entrepreneurs should get the benefit of regular business-planning sessions. If you start just one company, you should be constantly enhancing your business-planning skills by updating your business plan daily, this helps to improve on one’s productivity. Updating a business plan is normally easier than starting from scratch. Instead of trying to figure out what your basic business concept is, you only have to decide whether it’s changing. You’ll usually be able to reuse the financial formulas, spreadsheets, management biographies and other more or less evergreen contents of your plan. Here are eight reasons to think about updating your plan. If one applies to you, it’s time for an update as an entrepreneur.

1. A new financial period is about to begin. You may choose to update your plan annually, quarterly or even monthly if your business is in an industry that changes quickly.

2. You need funding.naira-notes22 Lenders and other financiers need an updated plan to make financing decisions. This will help you know how much investment you are making and how much you should be expecting.

3. Significant markets change. Shifting client tastes, consolidation trends among customers and altered regulatory climates can trigger a need for plan updates.

4. New or stronger competitors are looking to your customers for their growth. The truth is that everything is changing by the day and wisdom demands that a sagacious entrepreneur must move with the trends in his line of business to succeed.

5. Your firm develops a new product, technology, service or skill. If your business has changed a lot since you wrote your plan, it’s time for an update.

6. You have had a change in management. New managers should get fresh information. Communication is said to be the life wire of good and out standing relationship in relationship and business as well. New staff needs to be intimidated with what is going on.

IMG_22597. Your company has crossed a verge, such as moving out of your home office, reaching #1 million in sales or employing 100 people.

8. Your old plan doesn’t seem to reflect reality anymore. Maybe you did a poor job the last time you created your plan. Maybe things have just changed faster than you expected. But if your plan seems irrelevant, redo it. It’s important, however, that a plan update not simply be a mechanical task, limited to plugging in the most recent sales figures. Instead, take the time to challenge some of the core assumptions of your prior plan to see if they still hold up. Have profit margins been higher than you expected? Then start planning how to make the most of any extra cash you generate. Is your new retail store unit not performing as well as expected? Then now is the time to figure out why. Has competition for your new product arisen sooner than you guessed? Take a look at your other products with an eye to seeing if they’re also more vulnerable than you think. In large corporations with strict planning routines requiring annual, semiannual and quarterly plans and plan updates, managers spend at least part of their time working on or thinking about a new plan or plan update. All that information flowing up to senior managers in the form of plans helps keep the brass informed. It helps those in the trenches, too. It’s a fact that everybody is judged by past performance. And the best way to ensure that a year from now you’ll be looking back on your performance with satisfaction and pride is to plan now and often.

Skill Acquisition Centre

Skill Acquisition Centre

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Why Mentorship for Young Entreprenuers?


I have observed that in our contemporary world, people have underrated the concept of mentorship because they feel that there is nothing more they need to learn. This is a pointer to the fact that pride has possessed the mind of young people that they now believe that; there is seldom nothing they cannot do on their own- that is why there is need for the above topic. We must understand that when purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.

Today, I will be unleashing the underlying reasons for mentorship for young entrepreneurs; and will be linking it the weekly radio program I produce called CEO Mentorship with Stephen Akintayo; a platform where we bring on air CEOs with household names to share their success stories so that listeners and those who sign up for the mentorship form on our website can be mentored.

To keep the ball rolling, it is important for us to spell out the meaning of mentorship so that the benefit can be appreciated. Mentorship is a one-on-one relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger, but have a certain area of expertise. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.

The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), or mentee.

“Mentoring” is a process that always involves communication and is relationship based, but its precise definition is elusive. One definition of the many that have been proposed, is

Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé).

  1. Mentors help entrepreneurs challenge their challenges: Two heads are better than one, and in any circumstance, having someone to talk through challenges with, can be the difference between solutions and failure – even better if they have been there and done it themselves.
  2. Mentors can open doors: One of the trickiest things about running a start-up can be growing the network that you need to get things off the ground. The PROWEB mentoring programme pairs women who have been experiencing the ups and downs of running a business for years with women who are just starting out, enabling start up entrepreneurs to grow their networks.
  3. Mentors encourage you when the going gets tough: And believe me, it does. Sometimes you just need someone to get where you’re coming from and say ‘it’s going to be ok’.
  4. Mentors believe in you: As Zig Zaglar said: “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.”
  5. It’s a two way learning experience: Even after just one week, some of the mentees participating in our CEO mentorship dinner after our radio program are telling us that are really learning more than they can they have learnt on their own.

Here are some of picture collections of mentors and mentees.

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Ready for the dirty job? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Hmm. true talk here..

Fola Daniel Adelesi

In today’s world, although I think it has been like that for a while, you will find so many people who say they are looking for a job but there are so many other kinds of jobs that they can’t do. They don’t want to do certain jobs because they feel it does not match up with their status. If they must get a job it has to be some kind of befitting job that they can proudly tell their colleagues, friends and family members.

That is one of the reasons so many people are remaining in the job market for a very long time and they will not even get the ‘befitting’ job that they are looking for. In trying so hard to get the befitting job and not looking at ‘the dirty jobs’ there are too many people who miss out completely on the jobs they desire so…

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Smart Growth in Business

Nowadays lots of entrepreneurs want to see their business grow at the same paste as most of the already booming businesses out there without looking at what it takes to get to that height. It is important to know that you can’t grow big before you can manage well- you must learn to manage well to grow big. No one gets to the top by wishing or watching; everyone that so desire greatness must plan for it. Successful people don’t just wake up one day to see themselves succeed; something have been invested and certain thins/steps have been taken towards their success. One of my mentors, Pastor Eduvie Omamaga told me that “Do you know that everyone that succeed in what they do first enjoy what they do, before putting their all in it to see it succeed” Then I realized that you cannot remain in business if you don’t have passion for it!

It turns out there are some concrete secrets to entrepreneurial success, whether you’re a start-up or an established venture. For the most part, it all comes down to growing smartly and not letting booming growth overwhelm your business.

So says Edward Hess, a professor of business administration at the University of Virginia, who recently published Growing an Entrepreneurial Business: Concepts & Cases. When researching 54 high-growth entrepreneurial companies with an average of $60 million in revenue, he made this discovery: Not all growth is good, and it needs to be tamed.

Consider this road-tested advice Hess gleaned from successful entrepreneurs.

  • Learn to manage your company’s growth

Let up on the growth gas pedal so your staff and systems can catch up. “You have to pace growth,” says Hess. “So many entrepreneurs lost their businesses because the growth overwhelmed them, and they didn’t have the right people, processes and controls — both quality controls and financial controls — in place.”

  • Take the long view

As your company takes off, spend time away from the business to think macro instead of micro. You need to see the big picture to know which direction to head and map out a plan for getting there.

  • Prepare for growth

Line up systems to accommodate future business growth, and remember to keep adjusting as you expand. That might mean instituting hiring processes to systematically bring on the right people or developing customer service programs. “Too many people don’t plan for growth,” says Hess. Then when it hits, they make hiring or financial mistakes.

  • Learn to say no

Not all business is good business. “The more I said no, the faster I grew,” one entrepreneur reported. So turn down work that doesn’t fit your mission or expertise. Work with customers who help improve your brand and reputation, offer repeat business, or serve as referrals.

  • Hire smart

“The best entrepreneurs hire slowly and fire fast, but almost everybody else does the opposite,” Hess says. “Many entrepreneurs had to make two to five hires to get to the right person. This is extremely inefficient and costly.”

Instead, hire a former co-worker or someone your employees know and trust, Hess notes. Have candidates interview with numerous employees, and then hire people on probation to make sure they’re the right talent and fit for your culture.

  • Speed up payments

New ventures often run into trouble when they have to spend money on employees and supplies upfront, but don’t receive payment on their invoices for 45 to 90 days. When your company confronts cash-flow issues, get inventive. Offer existing customers a 5 percent discount if they pay you in 14 days. That way you won’t need as much cash on hand.

  • Provide ‘fire extinguishers’

Minimize the chaos of a growing company by documenting processes and procedures that will arm your employees to fight fires. Otherwise, you’ll personally contend with the same crises over and over again. Require your employees to write instructions for how to do their jobs; if they get sick, go on vacation or quit, you can maintain consistency in your business operations. “There should be no single point of failure in a business,” adds Hess.

  • Don’t listen to the hype

One of the most common mantras in business is “Grow or die.” Hess searched far and wide to find empirical evidence to support that claim and never found it. “You need to improve or you will die. You have to stay better than the competition and you can’t take your customers for granted,” he adds. “You have to be better, faster and cheaper — constantly.”

Once you’ve mastered steady improvement, things will really take off. Just remember to ease off the gas occasionally so you can pace your growth.

Thank you for reading.

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