About me

Stella Adu is fondly called ProlificStella. She is a serial entrepreneur, a trainer and a digital marketer. “She basically TSC”( I.e. She trains, supports & celebrates vision-driven individuals by volunteering…)
One of her work is that she is passionate about helping young people within the ages of (15-36years) who desire to increase their streams of income; and women who want to start a business from home acquire entrepreneurial skills through her monthly Skill Acquisition Program where different skills on how to make domestic products, beauty & style skills, and digital skills are taught. For more details of the skills offer and benefits click here http://bit.ly/ProlificStellaSKillAcquisitionProgram

Stella is the creative manager at Prolific Global Concepts. Being an educationist, her passion for impacting knowledge is indefatigable as she had worked as a teacher for over 10years. Her interest goes across entrepreneurship, skill acquisition and emotional maturity. Hence she is a people lover. These among others made her connect with Stephen Akintayo-a digital marketing consultant who she had worked with as his PA in Media affairs. She was the producer of the then popular radio show called β€œCEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo”.

Prolific Stella holds National Certificate in Education (NCE) AOCOED and BA/Ed English. She is a Google certified digital marketer. And has other certificates in digital marketing, Social Media Marketing Trainings at Gtext Media & American Internet Business School under Stephen Akintayo & Dr. Ope Banwo

However, Prolific Stella is open to new and renovating ideas as she believes that she is not yet where God wants her to be; this is why she keeps building capacity on daily bases. She believes that one does not grow big to manage well but manages well to grow. Hence, her popular saying is “What you don’t know is bigger than you!”


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