This is for all Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you missed The Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Seminar in Abuja last Week Saturday then you really need to go through the report…you’ll be glad you did.

The Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur, Mr Chukwuma Ephraim Okenwu (C.E.O) has urged the youths to take the role of a leadership which starts from recognizing who they are before what they do.

In a mentoring session with the C.E.O tagged “Emerging Leaders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Summit” held in Abuja on Saturday.

He noted that leadership has been widely accepted as influence authenticated by followership, which it is of great importance to note that been influential, does not make one a leader.

furthermore, he added the qualities of a good leader as; VISION: youths must have a clear picture of the destination called “FUTURE”. KNOWLEDGE: which is the edge you have by means of what you know. As they say ” study to show thyself approved”. SERVICE: according to Ubuntu Philosophy “I Am because We Are”. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: he said, a leader must be honest enough to acknowledge his bias, but must be objective largely not to allow that to influence his judgment, amongst others.

C.E.O stated that great leader, must learn to forgo past hurts for further hopes, as he must adequately be courageous to acknowledge his mistakes and profer solutions.

Above all, in the first session of “Emerging leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs”, he noted a great leader must be able to decode the “writing on the wall” at every point in time.


How To Be A Thought Leader

@OludayoOlumuyi speaking in one of his teachings on *Miximizing Influence* on LinkedIn said; “Don’t seat a chair to cheer, always share what you know to terminate fear!” That’s was #Deep Be involved in people’s success stories, be deliberately part of people’s success story; that’s how to become a leader of influence…โœ”๏ธ
*Do you know that a confused man is a blind man? Be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might end up no where in life.
> KNOWLEDGE is knowing what you WANT while WISDOM is choosing what you NEED.
Don’t be too shy or too proud to seek advice, but be very careful
from who and where you seek advice.
The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice.ย ๐Ÿ˜œ