Hear What ProlificStella Found Out Linda Ikeji And Her New Mansion Part1

The good book is complete on the subject of diligence. “Seeth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings and not mean men” (Proverbs 22:29).

My Bishop said hard work does not kill it is wrong work that kills!

Whoever says hard work is a waste of time is to me a big fool! Hard work pays. And to be precise, it’s one of the surest ways to escape hard life. Diligent, indeed, is God’s delight. When you are consistent with what you do (good or bad), you will get the result someday. That is the secret behind Linda Ikeji’s success story.

Read what ProlificStella found out about Linda Ikeji and her New Mansion and be encouraged!


My name is Linda Ikeji. I’m a blogger. I’m 35 years old and I have never…never ever in my life slept with a man for money. Not only have I never done it, I have never even considered it…and here I am with a house that cost me over half a billion naira.

Listen, you are beautiful and you are stronger than you know. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it, put your heart and soul into it.
Up until five years ago, I was a struggling entrepreneur. I can’t tell you how many offices in this Lagos I sat in for hours waiting to see people who could support my business…but most times, I never passed the reception area. But I never gave up and I never stopped believing and here I am today.

“You will get there, if you do not stop here” — Exponent Samuel Adu

You can if only you say you can! Thank you for reading, join me same time tomorrow as I bring to you the continuation of Linda Ikeji’s motivational poem about diligence. Stella Adu


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