#MyTrendingStory Season2

#MyTrendingStory Season2

So after my chat with Bishop David Oyedepo on Friday…, I needed to run down to Sheraton Hotel Ikeja for a dinner to pick up The Global Essence Extra Mile-Media Award 2017 in recognition of my ongoing Selfless Service to the Society…by Women of Essence, Ireland! Oh My God! This can only be God! 🙏🏻

I was honoured alongside 16 others phenomenal and amazing individuals/brands/organizations doing well and making the little change they can in their different fields/careers towards a better society on Friday night by The Women of Essence, Ireland.

For me, I was speechless because I feel I haven’t even started at all; but God, that gave the vision already knows how to announce it to the world when you are consistence with it…! According to them, this Award will encourage us to do more in our different fields… ***Volunteering and giving back to the society has already being part of my life… Not for eye-service, NO! But to see a good course come through!👌 I won’t want to bother you emotionally but I will only say what my Bishop said to me the day I went to pick up that award:

“You don’t need much to make a change, if it’s in your heart God will put it in your hand!👌 Be dedicated to your work/purpose, face your purpose, be committed to it, be consistent with it, don’t do it because that’s the trend…! And you will surely hit the global headline news in due time! 🔨”

~ This is from me to you: “Support good course, if you have one… just start from where you are with what you have and you will surely be closer to the change you want to see!👍

***I want to say Special thanks to my team, “we did it together”💪, to You reading- for your support, to everyone that has ever liked, commented, shared my posts, invited me to speak on your platform. Thank you for believing in me.🙏🏻
And to all those who are sponsoring with their resources in the little way they can, or have sponsored in the time past, and to those who will join in the little way they can: “God bless your good heart in Jesus’ name!”

And “A Big Thank You” to THE WOMEN OF ESSENCE for this recognition all the way from Ireland! 🙏🏻 “I am humbled”

All Glory to God Almighty for His ever increasing wisdom and grace.🙏🏻
It’s your girl/lady/sister/daughter/friend/protege…

@prolificstella 💃🏻


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