Acquire A Skill Now!


“I wished I learnt carpentry while growing up”~ Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has advised children currently on the holiday to learn something new outside academics.

Speaking in Lagos on the sidelines of 60th birthday thanksgiving service of Salami Ololade, a pastor, Osinbajo imbued “It’s important for children to learn something that could have an impact on their lives and communities in new fields…I wished that when I was growing up I learned even carpentry!” 😁

It’s a known fact that the skill acquisition is the new oil well that everyone needs to dive into; especially the young ones to secure their future as there is no secure job anywhere!

However, it’s not too late for anyone to acquire a skill that will make you a self-reliant individual…
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You will be glad you did!

Remember: The best investment you can do is in yourself first, then to others and the communities. 😀

#InvestWell #AcquireASkill

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