#MadeInLagosTradeFair #AYEEN2017

Our country must move forward and the change can only start from we the youth, our country has suffered enough, the generation ahead of us has failed us, but there is still hope if we the youth can decided to make impact, start the change from you and I

China becomes China because the people belief and patronizing their own goods so making their economy to become the largest producing economy today! 👌

Nigeria can not grow until we all come together to promote indigenous products, this is the only way we can increase our GDP, reduce unemployment and give power to Naira! 💪

It’s often said that a Nation that embraces the activities of entrepreneurs is a prosperous one, more so, a Nation that values the products and services of entrepreneurs in her state will flourish.

*** Made in Lagos Trade Fair, is an initiative of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs, Lagos State chapter, in partnership with Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment whose focus is to celebrate the creativity and innovation of the Lagos State Entrepreneurs. Much more, it is to bring about socio-economic network among young and budding entrepreneurs in Lagos while harnessing their God-given potentials towards Nation building.

This will also give young entrepreneurs opportunity to project, promote, showcase, and market their goods and services to a large audience, it will also help to sensitize and create awareness of our heritage for Nigerians to accept and patronize locally made product.

Let create awareness of the need to patronize locally made product and need for govt to support indigenous entrepreneurs. We can do it, it’s possible!

For us, we say: “Enough of unemployment, enough of economy downturn, enough of inflation and devaluation of Naira!”
It’s time to build Nigeria together. 👍

@prolificstella #AddingValueMyCore I-Train I-Inspire I-Celebrate I-Support


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