Live Ready 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻


#LiveReady! 💪

So this week has being loaded with lots of value exchange and impact for me! ✅

My topics for the week have being around #How2GrowYourBusiness…, After the explosive training on the untold streams of real great investment with Godwin Augustine & Friends @HisBirthday (I most celebrate you-Mr Godwin for putting up that kind of great value on your birthday…instead of just wining & dining) Indeed what you don’t have you can’t give! 👍

Again, I was @FullGospelBusinessMenFellowship Atlantic Executive Chapter Lagos @VirginRoseResort VI, Lagos for an Empowerment session on “How to Build Your Business leveraging on the Internet” it was indeed an enlightening moment! To God alone be all the glory. 🙏🏻

I really count it a great privilege to be a blessing to these phenomenal businessmen & women… 🙏🏻 who have decided to allow me add value to their business sense after reading through my profile online. Honestly, It still boils down to the fact that you cannot rule out the place of preparation as an entrepreneur: you never know the next platform you will be given thus; live ready! 👌


Indeed, Nigerians appreciate Nigerians #prolificstellainitiative #AgentOfChange #BeTheChangeYouSeek #IamDoingWhatIKnowToDoToSeeABetterNigeriaEconomy #Empowerment #ThisIsTheRealChange 💪 #FullGospelBusinessMenFellowship #HappyPeople 😀

Enjoy the rest of your day doing the right thing! 👍