How time flies!

This was my first give-back to the society skill acquisition training. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Just yesterday, I was engaged in a conversation online on Personal development: I had someone refer to “personal development as an act of selfishness” The person rather prefer seeking leadership to building capacity…

My response was “What! Are you kidding me? How will you give such a meaning to personal development?!” Then I begin to explain…
what you don’t have you can’t give…if you haven’t taken time to develop yourself personally, you can’t give back and you should not be in any position of leadership!
Come to think of it: Everything needed to lead ought to have been acquired via personal development! It covers all ascepts of life: emotional intelligence which deals more on managing your emotions and that of others, simple social etiquette, core values, communication skill, leadership skill, decision making, different skill acquisitions, the list goes on…! Dr Muyiwa Oludayo, former Registra at Covenant University said: There are some leadership opportunities that come your way to expose your weakness of you are not repairs for it(personal development)!

The truth is, the individuals need to take personal responsibility to see the change they seek rather shifting blames…

To see the change we desire, you & I have our roles to play alongside the government. It’s not a one man job. #ProlificStellaInitiative is doing the little she knows how to do within her capacity, so also a host of passionate Nigerians out there- to see a better Nigeria!

What are you doing for your community to make it a better place to live in? Ours is to see a prosperous Nation full of self-reliant individuals- creating jobs; rather than becoming a nuisance to the society. Support #RealChange support #ProlificStellaInitiative Call 08035584160, Whatsap 08090815369 today and you will be glad you did! 👍

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