Good morning to you this bright morning

“…a man that doesn’t have smile in his mouth should not open a shop says a Chinese proverb!”

Here is a very good Highlights from Sunday “KICK-START YOUR BUSINESS” Summit @The Wisdom Impact Network put together by MrExponent, one of the speakers; so I felt to share

“So we had an impactful session @ the “Kick-Start Your Business” Summit with the youth. Those that couldn’t come, truly missed!

I was the first speaker to that effect. And some of the thoughts I share served as a premise for other speakers to expound on. Yes, it was that expository like that. Lol.

BTW, Prolific Stella’s session on “Starting Small the Right Way and Businesses To Start With Little or No Capital” and Sam Adewale’s (Mr. WEST) session on “The Powerful P’s You Need as an Entrepreneur” was super insightful.

Sharing from my inspiring story on how I leveraged on my skills, mental prowess, doggedness and dedication to make money, to fend for myself and support my education through school even as an undergraduate back then in school, the motivation and drive that kept me going as a business man and a serial entrepreneur, below are cogent points to note:

– Before starting out anything in life, you need a clear vision and a mission statement.
– Build skill and competence in your area of specialization: Be very good in what you do to the point that your job/work will advertise itself.
– Build a solid brand reputation capital online and offline:
– Tell people what you do: A closed mouth is a closed destiny! @prolificstella
– Be deliberate in everything you doing!
– Develop people skill. I quoted a Chinese Proverb that said “A man that cannot smile should not open a shop”. Your disposition matters in business. If you lack good customer service, you will kill your enterprise. It is just a matter of time, you will liquidate.
– I also shared four (4) skills you need as an entrepreneur: Read more on the

– And lastly, because of time constraint, I shared emphatically on VOLUNTEERING. Prolific Stella being passionate volunteer, also stressed that point👌 I spoke directly to the students on ground the need to volunteer even while in school. I was also quick to share of friend’s story and my story on how volunteering has saved me from unemployment, helped me build skills and competence, and how the experience I gained from volunteering has helped and still helping me build my Brand “Mr. Exponent” and company “Advantageplus Concept”.

The question and answers segment too was dope!

It was sure a life-changing, mind-blowing experience.

Next edition promises to be super-duper impactful! Watch out for it. 👍

© @exponent_sam
Primus inter pares…first amongst equals

Here is what FD (Fela Durotoye shared this morning:
My 7-Life Lesson
1) Dream Big
2) Start Small
3) Learn Fast
4) Grow Strong
5) Keep growing
6) Get Better
7) Don’t Stop…Never Give Up
I am sure you are blessed. Ok, run with that. Have a great day 👏🏼



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