Preparing The Young Minds For The Future…

#TeenEmpowerment @LifeTouchAssembly was a huge success! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 To God alone be all the glory 🙏🏻

A quick recap for those that read my end-of-the-year report last year, I mentioned a few among the many things #TeamProlificStellaInitiative will be evolving with in 2017…lots of partnership, early investing in young minds (teenagers empowerment), etc. By God’s grace we have being putting action into our plans…today, we can say lots of partnership/collaboration events/trainings having being done & still more to come…! And last weekend, we finally lunched out 👊🏼#TeensEmpowerment.

If recent, I read a post online that cost my heart to bleed…💔 how some school boys decided to be raping the girls after their final exams publicly…! 😳 what a polluted & unrefined mindset! My heart bleeds for their future and for the ones to come!😪

What’s happening to our teens? Who is planting these evil deeds in them! 😡
I couldn’t but to cry while reading the post! What on earth is happening to our teenagers-our future leaders! 😢😁

Yesterday my team & I (FabulousBukayo & Johnno) had the private to speak to some teenagers in Shomolu LGA Barriga, Lagos on finding passion & purpose, the need for self development, the need to have self core value & online branding…

Here is the comprehensive definition I gave them:

Self development could be said to be “taking steps to better yourself, such as learning new skills or overcoming bad habits and adopting a better way of presenting yourself to be more acceptable”
*#StoryCut 👌


What can I say? God has being faithful to me….so I concluded that I am one of the few God likes…💃🏻😀 He has blessed me with passionate, tiredness & always-willing-to-add-value team members👌

Indeed man proposes God disposes… No one can truly make long & lasting impact without the help of faithful partners especially without the hand of God giving your drive a meaningful & visible result…💪
God bless you @Pst&DnsWunmi @JohnnoLatestShoes @Joshua&FriendsClub @FabulousBukayo @BossLabi @AlwaysInTheSpirit @BigBros @MrExponent @SweetestDaddy



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