It’s Time to Take Charge! 💪


Yea yea yea, it’s another Friday!💃🏻

#ItsTime2TakeCharge 💪

“…Prolific, if I had a little of the opportunities available now to young people during my time, maybe I would not have suffered hard to get to where I am today,…it would have being easier for me…”

The above statement was deduced from a conversation I had with a senior friend, two days ago…


~Are there things you wish you knew before now, just like my senior friend imbued? ☺️ Maybe you would have made less mistakes… Perhaps if you had believed in yourself much more earlier; you would have been on your way to fulfilling destiny? 🏃🏻

~ Is there so much noise in your head that you can’t even know how to put up your ideas together, to create something good from it yet you are loaded with lots?! 😇
~Do you ever doubt that God hears you when you pray? 😪
~ Or are you confused about the subject of purpose, vision, fulfillment, success, etc.? 🚶🏽

*** Obviously, you need help in getting your life right! 👌

Good news!👏🏼😀

**All these questions, worries, confusions and more will be given direction to @

***TAKE CHARGE Conference 2.0✅

Ben Okri had said: “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”💪

*** Why not make plans to attend this life-changing program and give your life shape right now!👌
Remember, it’s not too late to be right!👍

Date: Tomorrow, Saturday 13th May, 2017.
Time: 10am
Venue: Bukka Hut, beside Zenith Bank, Charlie Boy B/Stop, Gbadaga Lagos.


The likes of Dayo Isreal, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Segun Aderoga, and other phenomenal seasoning speakers will be there live to help & inspire you break the limitations holding you captive! 👍

For more info call 08035584160

You will be glad you did👍

@prolificstella 💃🏻
#AddingValueMyCore 👌
I-Support 💪image


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