Nigerians Helping Nigerians😘👏🏼👍✅💪


A little hearty kindness will do…!👌

~ What a phenomenal woman you are @fabulousBukayo!

I haven’t done this before…but you gave me another opportunity to impact to the less privilege; but this time was to the physically disabled individuals!😟 Thank you for inviting me 🙏🏻

Sunday 7th May, was Bukayo’s 40th birthday and she had invited me to join her celebrate with this amazing-special people @modupecolememorial, Akoka, Lagos. This time, not just to give them food and gifts like others always do; but to train them on #AnkaraCraft 💖 …to empower me.

Little did I know how the experience would look like, but I decided to honour her invite as a seed of love to humility…. 💖❤️

Even though Bukayo had invited host of others,…many are called but few are chosen especially for this kind of assignment! 👌

By the time, I was given the microphone to address over 100 of these special individuals that where brought out of their hostels to be train, out of over 400 of them…I was once again grateful to help humility… Is it the excitement that came out of them? Or the joy that filled their souls for the hope of better life? Or the feelings that someone has decided to empower them?!

I couldn’t but to be grateful to God that I was one of those supporting #BeTheChangeYouSeek just like Bukayo has decided to put in her resource into this… Together with another lady that joined us in training them on different crafts, Queen.

***One incident I was most grateful for, was one of the students that made Ankara bangles with just one hand assisted by her teeth…! Wahoo!
Hmmm, do you know that, I almost lost hope in her? when I walked up to her on her wheeled chair, she insisted she will try! I was, because she doesn’t look capable….! OMG, I was two steps away from her when I has the prompting in my spirit to put her through…not knowing that she was also hoping I come to her…! By the time she finishes, I couldn’t cry but to give a shout of joy! 😂 which caught the attention of others…
We trained, ate, drank, dance and played with them…

Indeed, my yesterday was worthy all the stress! When we were leaving, I had interrogation with some of them and their teachers… You can’t believe this:

“My Bello, how is the government helping out… “hmmm, auntie ; leave the government, Nigerians like Bukayo & you are the ones that visit us to appreciate what @modupecole is doing…! #NigeriansHelpingNigerians 😘😘😘
#BeTheChange🌎 #HappyBirthdayFabulousBukayo #GodBlessKindNigerians #ProlificStella

@prolificstella 💃🏻
I-Support 💪


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