PMP… ❓


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ~ Albert Einstein

What is really called education is not taught in schools, it’s what you are willing to teach yourself and allow others, situation and life teach you ~ Prolific Stella

Golden Opportunity for all!!!😳

Don’t miss this for anything!

Have you ever embarked on a project before and all you get is an unsatisfied result?😏
Do you know why you don’t have the zeal to carry on on your project? 😩

***The truth is, everyone has a project to carry out eg You are one big project yourself! 😁 Yes! So you need to know how to manage “You” before you can manage any business or any other project.

*** Become A Project Manager Proffesional and step up your game!💪

Becoming an PMP is one vital skill you need to turn your passion into profit😘

Some of the Training content are:
~Who’s is PMP?
~Why project fail? (Details on the fliers


Date: Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th May, 2017

Time: 10am-1pm

Venue: Block 37, Flat 1, Ijaiye LSDPC Medium Housing Estate beside Agege Stadium, Lagos

So you have no excuse not to attend!

Trust me, Prolific Stella will be there as well, …learning is life!📝

For more info call 📞08023050275 now
Limited seats available!




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