Take a break and get this…


After the Easter celebrations I think there is need for someone to digest these few words I got from a friend; it’ll help you to be more focus 👌

~After working for your boss, don’t go home and watch TV. 😁

*Go home and develop yourself 💪 so you won’t work for him 😎 forever.

>No matter how many university degrees you have, if you don’t know your life’s PURPOSE, you are worse than an illiterate.😳

**When people question your vision, don’t try explaining it to them. 📝

*** Just succeed at it. 👌 ***Success doesn’t need to be explained. Yes! It’s just need to be seen.👌

You don’t owe people explanations.. What you owe them is results.✅

If you are still thinking on how to find purpose, then you really need the help of The Holy Spirit to find it and; laying your hands on skills that will help with direction….http://bit.ly/ProlificStellaSKillAcquisitionProgram

This season of resurrection, your purpose shall find you in Jesus name!


@prolificstella 💃🏻
#AddingValueMyCore 👌


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