Step-Up, Step-Out, Step-In👌

And so yesterday, I met this my wonderful daughter of God @tai_edge Of the @thehouseoftai #WODC @wod_womenofdestiny where women of purpose full of love gathered to learn how to step up in love, life and purpose! I remembered her smart and intelligent solutions she always give me when we worked together then….😘💃🏻💃🏻✅ #loveYouDear😘

At the conference I took home lots of words of wisdom and I want to be kind enough to share parts….💃🏻

Indeed every woman need to

~step up(grow up)- stop giving attention to everything that distract you from your God-given purpose;

~Step Out (come out of your comfort zone) come out of all the things you are familiar with-your negative believe system that hasn’t added any value to you! Come out of being a female and become a WOMAN 🔨💃🏻

Stop being tie down by what people has said about you into what God has planned for you! When you step out, God begins to reveal who you are and who you are to be to YOU!😳
Locate purpose!💪

~Step in: dare to pursue purpose-you are not just created to this world to come and marry and give birth and die. Find out your God given assignment and live it!!!✅ But be careful who you envy be cause you don’t have the same calling- you have no idea what God has said about Her #Word🔨 #GreatMinds #Love #WomenOfDestinyConference2017 #Insightful👌 #ThankGodIDidntMissIt😘

I hope I have being able to bless a women here! Happy Palm Sunday 👍

I-Support 💪


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