Why Think Like That?!😁


imageGood to know that your day has started already on a good note👍

While you are going about your day, I will like you to take note of these food for thoughts and watch what you say.😁 I got it from @hisrulepub.com and thought of sharing to help someone…may be 👉🏽you or just the next person that will care to read📖😳

~Most times, we involve ourselves in the game of condemning 🙀 what others have done instead of focusing 🏃🏻on how to develop our ideas. Take time to work on yourself by asking how far you have gone before stating how bad others have done.👌

~Be selective with your words not just because of yourself but because of others around you. Think about that person who needs just 👌a word to stay alive and then you kill him with just two words-just because you are good at expressing yourself and talking at people instead of talking(communicating) to people e.g “Get out!” It’s not always about how you feel, ☺️ be careful how you speak.😧




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