Writen to Inspire You & I 👍😘


Happy new day, week & month to you once again! 😀 It’s another (2nd) quarter of the year, I pray that the speed of light will answer for you & I in every department of our lives in Jesus name just as it located and answered for Olajumoke-a one time bread seller now a model!💃🏻😳


***While I was going through my all my blog posts early this morning, I was this post I wrote September 14th 2016 and I think it will inspire someone as I always desire to inspire you…😘

~Do not let the enemy dig up your past or try to make u feel guilty for something that happened a long time ago. 😡 Be confident that God doesn’t remember your past only if you remind Him by doing/making the same mistakes He saved you from😥

~The proof of love are giving & forgiving without making references👌. To maintain long term relationship, focus on adding value. 💪
A partner/friend that will always focus on your weakness (what you can’t do well & how bad you did it is a red flag you need to watch & be sensitive to! 😳
~Just like a good Marriage is not the combination of two perfect individuals but imperfect individuals who understands that it’s The Holy Spirit that gives them strength in their weaknesses💪🏻👌🏽so is friendship and business partnership….👫👯

A man/lady that treats you well, gives you things but finds it had to tolerant others & give without compromise is only pretending to you 🔨😁

~Be the friend you want to see in people and express the change you desire to see in people through your attitude☺️
~If you are the type that conclude matters in your speech before hearing people’s side of the story or asking how things come about…then you need to work on your emotional maturity-it’s a sign of weakness that you are not aware of😡
~What people think about you or say about you has nothing to do with how God sees you! Focus on God especially this 2nd quarter for directions and grace to carry on, I assure you that He will not pull you down or talk at you as others will do👍

It’s your turn to do it right this time!😘

I-Support 💪


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