Are you one of those asking this question anytime you look at your account balance? 😳

2016 is running out for 2017 to come in…🏃🏃🏃

*** Someone has said your money is with the people in your network! 😳

Are you surprised?!

By network, I don’t just mean family and friends.
In fact, most times they won’t pay you or give you much for what you do. Hmmm😐

It’s just like Jesus in Nazareth…. Couldn’t do so much amongst His people.

Your network are people you are connected to ‘anyhow’ anywhere online!

Hear this: 👂🏻
You are 5 people away from your perfect customers and financial partners. So look for them…!

*** Your money is in your network… We have heard it over and over again that your network determines your net-worth! 💰 So if you are the type that accept only the friendship request that you know…then you better start connecting well with new ones…because they are your potential clients❗️🔨

If yours is not of quality and quantity…then you still have work to do!

It should be one of your 2017 goals.

Enjoy the seasoning


I need a movie ticket o! Need to see some movies o💃



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