…too soon!

Can this be true?! 😳

It breaks 😪my heart 💔 to believe that my spiritual mentor, teacher, pastor, friend, father, brother, Pastor Paul Akapo – one of God’s Generals, a man that loved God and people sincerely, a man with a big heart has gone to be with the Lord so soon! 😓😢😪

Words can’t explain how God has used you in my life and in my family! You were a man of The Word, a man of indefatigable passion for things of God, a diligent and committed Apostle of Christ you are! 💪🏻

I still remembered how you always encouraged me to be strong willed, to always talk to God as my father not as a stranger! And that I can be what I want to be…!!! You have indeed left an indelible marks in the lives of my family and I ( you led us to Christ far back in the 90s at Gospel Faith Mission Ayantuga Assembly) Rest in peace sir Pastor Paul Akapo. My brothers and I will miss you sir 😢 Mrs Esther Akapo take heart ma 🙏🏻


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