…Can’t say when the money went to!


#YouCanIfYouSaySo 👉🏽#

Many a time we know how much we took out of the house before leaving home in the morning but can’t say specifically how we spent it before the day runs out! 😢😩

“…I can’t just explain/point to one thing I did with the money!” These are the words of an undisciplined fellow that has refused to do simple and proper budging! 😳

You can, if only you know the rudiments of simple and proper budgeting…! Yea👌🏽

Do you know you can actually live on your term?

***Don’t let your purse determine how you spend but spend because you have budgeted spending that way for the day or that amount for that project! 😎 Yea!

This is why LIMER Personal Finance Conference 4.0 is on #BudgetingIsPossible

So, do you know anyone struggling with his/her financial? (In fact help me invite NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT when you see them; that they should be at this mindset-switch online event for REAL CHANGE❗️)
Why not help bless a life by telling them about the LIMER Personal Finance Conference 4.0.

*** The last Whatsap conference we held, was filled up to the extent that we needed to open the 2nd Whatsapp group as overflow, thereby having almost 401 participates!

Cut long story short: With just a deposit of N10,000 into this account,
*StanbicIBTC 0018616571 The LIMER Project*, you will be invited to the Conference space on WhatsApp. Take action now before the group closes for registration 🚪🔑

Date: November 29th

Call Mrs Olubunmi Sam-Adeyemi now for a good discount! 📞 her on 0803 232 0111 while
07085666618 (WhatsApp only)



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