It’s #GEW2016


It’s a bright Monday morning and I say good morning to both the great entrepreneurs and the intrapreneurs (people that work in an organization but have also crave a niche for themselves thereby becoming indispensable and a pillar to the organization because of their skill development) Yea 👍😀

Last week a read from Mr Dayo Abiola’s online interview (the success logo maker) and I like to share a few of it.
According to him, “Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. 💃 It’s not just work, so you need to build a character.💪🏻 If you are not a nice person, you’d better start getting nice. 😀 If you’re not a smart person, you’d better start getting smart, because in entrepreneurship; it’s not hard work alone that works but smart work!🔨 If you’re an arrogant 😏person, then don’t be an entrepreneur, that’s for employed people – lol. 😀😆 Just kidding.”


*** The truth is that the title of entrepreneur is demanding. 👌🏽 This is why you should cave a niche for yourself that suit what you are passionate about. 😀

As we walk through this Global Entrepreneurship week 2016 bear these in mind:
1. Aim to do the right thing in your business/career.
2. Study beyond the tools, make yourself vast with knowledge ( i.e keep upgrading your skill) and how to communicate it well – the tools are irrelevant though.
3. Have INTEGRITY❗️👌🏽
4. Get into the idea of finding your niche and the phases-by-phases of it daily. 🏃
5. Seek to collaborate.👍🏼👍🏼✌🏻️
6. Respect and protect the works of other in your niche. Don’t cast others down because you want to be recognized 😔
7. Understand your client, treat them as king, but never do a creative work for free. It will never improve your creativity❗️

Enjoy it 👍



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