It’s Not Your Uncle/Aunty/Brother/Sister!

#TheFavourOfGodWillAnswer4You# 👉🏽

Thank God for all the things your hands touched, your eyes saw and for what your ears heard in the month of October🙏🏻 #ThankGodInAll

*** For you to get quick result in this month of November, you need to allow God have His way in your endeavours👉🏽

~ I need you to know that, It’s not because that uncle/Aunty/brother/sister of yours hasn’t connected you that made you remain on the same sport! 👐🏻

*** It’s the grace and favour of God that turns a man into a global phenomenal 👌🏽

When grace speaks, Laws are irrelevant, protocols become useless, CONNECTION makes no meaning, condemnation is reversed, hopelessness is deleted. This month of November, God’s grace will speak for you in Jesus name❗️

Have a good night rest😘

@prolificstella 💃
#AddingValueMyCore 👌🏽
#HappyNewMonth 😀


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