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Starting Small The Right Way with Prolific Stella @GIFT Whatsapp group online conversation #LadiesTalk


Good evening everyone. Thank you so much Mrs Chinwe for another privilege to share my thought on your platform. I do not take this for granted.πŸ™πŸ» To a big thank you to all my online friends that has decided to stop by on my blog to learn how to start the right wayπŸ‘
I remembered that This was the topic I spoke on at this year international women summit2016 live on webinar and I remembered telling them that are no secret anywhere expect the one you are not aware of. Thus what you don’t know is bigger than you because you can’t work on nor build on what you are not aware of! It’s it is difficult to explore what you don’t know. This is why one needs to keep building capacity!

Tonight, we will be looking at the summary of my session at The International Women Submit2016 tagged Running A Startable Idea where I spoke on “Starting Small the RIGHT Way”
Ok now “How do you start the right way of peradventure you have have a good business idea ?”😎
1) Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable! Have faith in the ability in you. If you don’t no one will. Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t & start loving yourself for everything you are already.
2) Discover & follow your passion.
Have you discover something you can go all out for? Then go for it with passion! Passion create excitement even when you have not started making big money.
3) Turn your passion into profit? Passion not turned into profit will soon be frustrated. Create a service from what you love doing. For example: one of the things you need to know about Prolific Stella is that she is passionate about helping achieve their dream; thus I offer to promote your business on my platform thereby being paid.

4) Shout about what you do! If your don’t rhapsodize about your business who will?! Be the key marketer of your idea. In life, when you learn to catch fire others will watch you burn and thereafter you will start shinning!

5) Develop your skill: it’s not enough to want to do business you need to be skillful. Passion is a staying fuel as an entrepreneur while capacity determines how far you go & the type of result you get. To every business, Profession, position, office certain skill is required to do well there.

Never get to a point in your life where you feel there is nothing again to learn! It’s dangerous.
Just like my popular saying “It’s no longer certificate that gives you the job (either as a worker/employee or employer/business woman ) but skillcificate! Permit my grammar. Lol
However, capacity is built through time, right knowledge & hand-on-experience,
6) Get a mentor: those that ride on the shoulders of giants go further & faster than their competitors. Remember that you can’t do it alone you need the help of those that has done ahead of you to know better…

7) Invest in yourself. That’s the best invest you can do in terms of money, energy & time.
No one can take what you have learnt

8) Network!!! This is every important. Surround yourself with good people that belief in your idea. Not just people in your shade of business but people that will motivate, challenge & encourage you to do more…
Your network determine your net worth! You need to know that People equal Money!
Don’t be one of the people that sees nothing good on people but their fault! Learn from other entrepreneurs like you & see how they get their own result.

To be continued on Monday, 26th September 2016.

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