Stella Adu is the CEO of Prolific Global Concepts, a registered and Lagos base vocational academy with keen interest in giving Nigerian youths and women hope….adding value to living through Skill acquisition…. She is a digital marketing extraodinaire, Fashion Blogger, inspirational speaker per excellence and a value adder to the core. Always ready to learn.

Here is what she is saying about our forthcoming event:


“Prolific Stella, you too like pictures!”

This is one of the statements I hear from families and friends any time I try keeping memories of events…by taking pictures. Lol😍💃

The truth is the value and importance of PHOTOGRAPHY in your daily life can never be over emphasized. 😍
Like seriously, photography has come to be part of our lives. Take it or leave❗

It shows an evidence of true life experience, brings past to present, makes you reflect on the moment, and on the whole makes life worth living.👌🏽💃😘

Imagine your achievement or memorable moment without a proper documentation…?😳

This is why Prolific Stella will be live @Photography Bootcamp come September 30th with Dayo Falade @ Sheraton Hotel Lagos and other prominent brands in different industries ( Education, Fashion Design
* Baking/Sugar Craft
* Painting
* Drawing
* Interior Deco.
* Graphic Design
* Photography
* Cinematography
* Make-up Artistry
* Modelling
* Writing (Script Writing)
* Web Development
* Hair Styling, etc.) to learn how to use photography to improve branding👌🏽

You like to be part?
Click here for details:

Or call the Convener, Dayo Falade on 08095502925 now
keeping your memory ALIVE

Side Attraction:
*Free Exhibition stand after registration
*5minutes presentation to pitch your brand
*Opportunity to meet people and connect

What are you still waiting for? Click now or call.



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