Praise God! Prolific Stella Skill Acquisition Training with The Esther Generation Fellowship yesterday was a huge success as the women have learnt four different skills to start making money from! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

What can we say? 😀God alone is the one that empowers; Prolific Stella is only a rescue agent sent by God to add value via skill acquisition👍💪🏻❗️

These women couldn’t but to appreciate God for the privilege to be empowered via Prolific; one could scene their deepest gratitude as they prayed upon Prolific… “God only is the one that grant increase; we are only agents…”


Keep acquiring skills and money will keep looking for you👉🏽
Have a blessed week ahead👍

#AddingValueMyCore💪🏻 #EmpowerTheNation💪🏻 #WomenEmpowerment💃 #StartAsEarlyAsNow


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