How Does Retirement Looks?😳😮



Hear these: 👂
Retirement is not an age. It is that state where you work not because you HAVE TO but because you WANT TO.😕

Whether this happens at 26, at 50 or never happens is up to you.👉🏽

Don’t set yourself up to have to work for as long as you are alive. That’s not wisdom😳

You deserve the freedom that comes with having all your bases covered and enough to live an inheritance to your children’s children.💪🏻

Are you also thinking #HowDoesRetirementLooks?

Register now for the LIMER Personal Finance Conference 3.0. And you will be glad you did😀

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***Limited seats available 😳
Date: Saturday 27th August, 2016
Venue: LCCI, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Good news!!!

Event is FREE!😳

You can live life on your own terms! 👌🏽

Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi.
LIMER Personal Finance Conference 3.0




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