Actively Build Your Connections!


#AwesomeWednesday with #ProlificStella

Good morning to you this awesome morning! Sure your night was cool!😀Today, I will be sharing the important of networking…


The crem de la creme of the society

To start with, In your career path, a strong network of connections will make everything accelerate.👌🏽

If you have not set up your own personal connections, you’ll need to divide a portion of your time to do this. Are you aware that that is treasure in people?😳 So you don’t want to miss your treasure box this time🎁

I need you to know that a strong network of relationships, can enable you:

contact smart friends, and learn their opinions about on all issue,
get information and knowledge that are difficult to obtain on your own,
help the company/ your business look for more potential partners,
or income generating opportunities
Thus, go get to know your work colleague or boss very well…

*If you are an entrepreneur,

your network connections will be your early customers,😳 just like is working for me now💃🏿

Do you know that everyone you meet are a source of capital…?😳

rather than go home, or going to a bar, you should find some inner circles…

There are many small groups which are highly relevant to your career, so you don’t want to joke with join social groups…👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

You should try to integrate into these circles-learn to interact with people and get to know them personal! Be interested in people!

In your quest in meeting people, find a way to add value! Don’t always look for want to gain first! A value added individual will natural get value in return!✅

Every week, ensure you meet with new friends and share values together…👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

You can also look into everyone’s career developments on LinkedIn and connect!👍

This is one thing you should learn to do, establish a network with mentors and those people you admire their success life👌🏽 It is wisdom, learn to claim the shoulders of the people that had done ahead of you🏃💃🏻


Who knows they may be your next job employer, or next big contract you have being waiting for😳

*Your connections will be your most powerful asset in the life💪🏻

Also, this is one thing I have learnt from one of my mentors, “The Power of Leveraging” If you say you don’t know how to start; shy not start from tags social media?

Create time to build your social network. Remember that your network determines your net worth! Don’t joke with people, because on your career journey; people are one of the greatest access that help you move faster!🏃

Thank you for stopping by to pick these thoughts of mine here on ProlificStella’s Blog. Blessed or impacted? Kindly share, like and comment👍


~@prolificstella #AddingValueMyCore


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