Let’s Go Emotional Maturity Part2!

Good morning to you this #MotivationMonday. Sure you weekend was awesome!
Are you emotionally matured❓❗️

If you missed my session with Pharm Chewe Jaja on her Whatssap Community platform for women of purpose where I spoke on EMOTIONAL MATURITY! Then count yourself lucky to be reading this here.

I have received Lots of messages from people asking for the recap of the topic which I told them I was going to blog about soonest.
Ok now: let’s go Emotional maturity for both sex 🏃💃🏿Lol

This was how my speech on Emotional Maturity went:

In my usual habit, Firstly let’s look at the words we have in our topic…. Someone should help with the part of speech of each and the definition

Don’t mind my manners, I’m an educationist by profession! Lol
And I’m always proud to introduce myself as one because teachers are nation builders❗️💪🏻

To start with, we must note that maturity has different definition across legal, political, social, religious, intellectual, sexual, emotional, to mention but s few. I read a beat of educational psychology while in the university….

We can say Maturity is the ability to respond to the happenings in our environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctive… So that is why we are learning it ✅

Ok. Simply put; emotional is an adjective while mutuality is a noun

Adjectives will always qualify a noun while adverbs will modify verb

I hope we got that…

Maturity encompasses being aware of of the correct time & place to behave, and knowing when to act. Thus; emotional maturity refers to your ability to understand, and manage your emotion❗️

I often tell people that a man/woman that has no control over his! Herself is not for to live! Take it or leave it.
I learnt from Coach Sam Obafemi at NLP training that you owe your anger- you can decide to release it or hold it👌🏽Hence, you are in charge! This enables you to create the life you desire- a life filled with happiness & fulfillment as an exceptional woman

Note: GROWTH is dynamic; it is only CHANGE that is constant, so decide to grow up and stop seeing people as being indebted to you! 😳
How can you attain Emotional Maturity?

1) Rehearse reaching your goal- I learnt on this mega platform that you have to be deliberate about everything you do! Do things because you want to not because you are forced to👌🏽
2) Set healthy boundaries -being mature means stating what is acceptable to you & what you will & will not allow!
3) Don’t assume people know what you allow- Tell them! In education, we were taught assumption is the lowest form of intelligence!
5) Learn from your mistake! Don’t allow it repeat itself- a mistake you don’t learn from will reoccur in a higher level which will hurt you more😪
I hope I am communicating… If yes, say positive😀
6) Learn to fall in love again no matter your past! Forgive yourself and move on-Fall in love for the right reason-mutual understand, however we have been told to watch out for red flag- don’t overlook anything you can’t cope with later in life now… Deal with on time❗️

Ok now, let’s look at the the place of maturity in dealing with issues:
How do you know if you are there already?

1) Emotional Maturity is when you stop trying to change others instead of changing yourself.

2) It is when you understand that everyone is right in their own perspective
3) When you understand the place of the psychology of individual difference.
4) Emotional maturity is when you accept people as they are😀
5) It’s when you learn to let go!
6) It’s when you are able to drop expectations from a relationship and give for sake of giving
7) Adi Shankara said it’s when you understand that what you do you do for your own peace!

8) Emotional maturity is when you stop proving to the world how intelligent you are without proof!
9) It’s when you stop comparing yourself with others!

10) Emotional Maturity is when you are at peace with yourself!
11) It’s when you don’t seek approval from others…
12) Maturity is being able to stand your ground in the face of compromise!
13) It’s the underlying ability of yours to know when to be flexible & when to be rigid even though you are firm!
14) Emotional maturity is the ability to take calculated risk for your personal development.
15) It’s when you are able to differentiate between “Needs” & “want” and able to let go your wants!
16) it’s when you know that you can’t always be right!

Williams Shakespeare of stage drama in literature understand the different roles of a noble character and a clown/the fool- so that some underlying matters in the plot of the play can be unveiled!

Thus, Sometime you need to learn to play the roll of a fool so that some matters can die!
17) Almost rounding up now, Maturity is being able to stand and talk, and at the same time being able to take your seat and listen!-when necessary!

That’s humanity not stupidity o!😳

18) You gain maturity when you stop attaching happiness to material things!
19) When you are contented with your level per time!
20) When you do what you say-integrity!👌🏽

On the whole, maturity is courage, humility, love appreciation and high self esteem not envy, not competition!
Thank you very much all for the undivided attention you gave me!😘
Now we know, that emotional maturity is a quality worth working towards to be an exceptional individual in this our contemporary

What out for my session with Boladale Ade @ Singles Hangout👍

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