#TheRiseOfGiants A Huge Success!💃🏿

What a stupendous success we had at ‪#‎TheRiseOfGiants‬!👌🏽💪🏻💃🏿

To God alone be all the glory 😇


imageSome of the things learnt from the event were as follow:

*Acquire more than two skills because you never know where you will find yourself tomorrow!
*Your certificate will only open the door for you; it’s your skill that keeps you going…!

*Acquire unusual skills…

*Start with what you have!

*Be consistent!

*Leverage on your social media platform to market yourself!

*Enlist your products and services online…

*Always relate with the Almighty God as your father and see him as your helper…!

*You can do it if only you say You Can!

*Say only what you want to see!👌🏽😳

*Always be up-to-date with the happenings in your field of career and business

Oya connect with me for more info, abi I no try…Lol😀👍

It’s day for you!👏🏻



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