Less Than Two Days To Go, Take A Move!

Set free the sleeping giant in you!!!💪🏻image

Where will you be on Saturday 2nd July 2016 if not at #TheRiseOfGiants?!

Do you know that the oil well is getting dried?!
Are you aware that Entrepreneurship activities increase the wealth of any nation that embraces it, that Organic is the new hope…, and eCommerce is the future of the global village?! Are you still thinking about it❗️😳

Be there, don’t be told!


The winners youth of Province 10 will be welcoming you for The Rise of Giant @6, WEMCO Road, Ogba, Lagos.

If your vision is greater than the association you keep then you have to separate yourself from such association with immediate effect before they kill your vision with their mediocrity!

I can see 😳😉that you are confused already!

For more info call 08090815369 for details of the event now!

Again, won’t you set free that giant in you waiting for expression? 👌🏽


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