Are You A Woman of Purpose & Vision or desiring to be One?!!!

Are you a woman of purpose and vision, desiring to be one?!💃

Then GIFT is a Whatsapp platform you need to be….!
👍💯✅…a Whatsapp platform where our contemporary great women share undiluted ideas & information in all areas of their lives…!

Join me tonight on Gals Int’l Frank Talk (GIFT) as we discuss “EMOTIONAL MATURITY!!!”image

We shall be learning:

􀀀🏽 Why the 21st century woman needs to be emotionally Maturity.

􀀀🏽 The place of emotional maturity in dealing with people around and what goes on around us socially and otherwise!
Emotional maturity is a quality worth working towards if one must be an exceptional woman if you aren’t there yet! 💪

It promises to be a very interactive and interesting session as usual.

Its 8PM (GMT+1)

…growing a community of dynamic and resourceful women

Mrs Chinwe Jaja (Pharm)

Convener, GIFT


BBM: 29F78AE2



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