Prolific Stella Skill Acquisition Empire

#ProlificStellaSAE #AddingValueMyCore

It’s another month of the midst of the year again-June!😘
Happy great, all-things-are-possible, take-responsibility month! Lol
Yes o! That’s what the month of June is o! Take it or leave it! Here is an exclusive offer for ONLY hundred people who want to increase their streams of income starting from this June! Hear what Prolific says:

ProlificStella says it is no more about “Certificate” but “Skilltificate”! Lol😳 Yes!

It is obvious that the global economic meltdown has brought about lots of certified graduates jobless!😔

Entrepreneurial activities is the solution to the issue of unemployment in our nation! Take it or leave it!

Do you know that a nation that embraces more entrepreneurial activities is said to be a prosperous nation💪

ProlificStella Skill Acquisition Empire is established to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria via skill acquisition!

Be part of this EXCLUSIVE offer reserved for first hundred people to register!

Learn how to make:
*Ankara bags & shoes
*Gele Tying

Date: Saturday 4th June -Sunday 5th 2016.


Venue: 14, Salimonu Street, National Bus/Stop, Capitol, Agege, Lagos.

Registration Fee:N500 only😳👌

Account Details:
Union Bank: Prolific Global Concepts 0050132642

For more info Call :08035584160 or 08034696662 now. What are you waiting for? Hurry now and add more to your streams of income!


…adding value to humanity!


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