What’s The Colour of Love?






It’s here again! Valentine’s Day
A day many people believe that is for lovers.
What’s your View about Valentine’s Day? What’s the myth of Valentine’s day? What do you think is the colour of love if at all you want to celebrate it? Who can you celebrate this day with? Obviously the questions are unending!
Join us at our region:Region 27. Check pictures for details.
Winner Youth Alive brings to you “The Colour of Love” as we share knowledge: what to know, learn, unlearn & relearn as our regional youth pastor: Deacon Adeniyi Adeyemi & his wife will be unleashing truths from the wealth of the experience they have gathered in the journey called marriage; most especially from the inspiration of The Holy Spirit!
I am sure you don’t want to miss it for anything!
Come all: Both married & singles! You will be glad you came.
#prolificstella will be learning too! Won’t you want to learn too?


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