Have You Ever Experienced Shiloh Before?


#Shiloh2015 #ProlificStella

Good news! Shiloh is here again! Where will you be Dec. 8th-12th if not at the presence of the God of Shiloh

But wait a minute. What do you know about Shiloh? Have you ever experienced Shiloh? Hear What Shiloh is all about!

Shiloh-The place of God’s abiding presence. It is a platform of dominion. Please note that Shiloh is not a program, but a divine appointment Joshua18:1

It is not a convention, but a platform for divine visitation. 1 Sam 3:21 It is a place of divine appearance Psalm 8:27. It is not an anniversary, but a platform for supernatural delivery of inheritance. Eccl 3:14 Whatever the Lord doeth shall be forever. Hebrews 12:23

Shiloh is a mountain of voice Psalm 293-4, 1nPeter 1:17. Every new chapter of your life is subject to the voice of God. Only men of the spirit hear the voice of God.

Note:  Shiloh is not just a  church annual event, it is God’s platform for the Saint for a change of story! A mountain of transformation and supernatural breakthrough for God’s children. Therefore, I say to you your season of transformation has come! Shiloh is a place of encounter with destiny. It’s a mountain of deliverance and  restoration for participates. A mountain of help I say to you- where destinies meet with helpers from above!

No wonder forgotten singles locate their partners and broken homes are restored! Smiles are put on the faces if the barren and the jobless! Indeed the sick get their healing instantly! This is another opportunity to be free from every age-long spell and  enchantment. It’s a season for unforgettable  testimony! Welcome to Shiloh 2015!

Welcome to My season of “From Glory to Glory!

Date: December 8th-12th Venue: Faith Tabernacle Canaanland Ota.

Don’t miss it for anything! It’s your Shiloh!  Congratulations!!!



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