Linda Ikeji’s Story Part2

According to Bellamaija’s report, Linda Ikeji now share neighbourhood with some crème da la crème of the society whom include Forbes listed billionaire Mike Adenuga, Sayyu Dantata and many heads of major Nigerian companies. What a change of level!

Hear what Mr. Exponent said: “Know I want you to note these: if you are poor, if you are not living your dreams, if all you do is to settle for less and accept that as your fate, if all you do is compare yourself to others in the bid to play the blame game, if all you do is criticize others who are making it big doing the same things or business you do, if all you do is explain your pain to no gain, you are living a lie!” Life is an individual race and the human race is a race against time! When you waste time you waste life. You’ve got to do what you can do and do it very well over and over again. Consistency is a law of success. Start small. Stay at it. Grow with it. Become big.IMG_2287 IMG_2374








To keep the ball rolling, Clink here to read the part 1 of this article. let’s continue what ProlificStella found out about the story behind Linda Ikeji’s new mension-a dream that became reality!

You too can be this…you can be better than this. No dream is too big, no dream is too small, no mountain is too high…it’s all in your mind. It’s all up to you. If you believe in you, in your God who is guiding you, then the sky is your starting point.

Please stop waiting around for a man to give to you…to put food on your table and put clothes on your back. I promise you, you can do it for yourself. Start thinking big, believe in yourself, be creative and start working. Realize that your dreams are valid…and nobody will make your dreams come true except you. Find what you are good at. Find something that you are passionate about. Work hard at it. Be consistent. Be patient. Start young. Even if you’re not young, it’s never too late!

I have been hustling since I left secondary school…started modeling before I entered university in 1998. Was running a modeling agency even while I was a student and made it a full time business after I left university. I never doubted that I would succeed one day, because I was determined. And please do not think this happened over night. I’ve been blogging since 2006…November this year will make it exactly 9 years. God, consistency and hard work brought me here today.

You can if only you say you can! Thank you for reading, join me same time tomorrow as I bring the continuation of Linda Ikeji’s motivational poem about diligence. Enjoy the rest of your day. Stella Adu


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