Let’s Upgrade Abuja City!

Have you ever heard me made these statements before?:

iWrite iTeach iTrain iSpeak iProduce iManufacture iEdit iMarket Digitally iDo more…. ProlificStella in Kubwa, Abuja motivating corp members to be part of Nation Builders- Upgrade Conference Abuja.

I love speaking! Be part of nation builders, attend Upgrade Conference Abuja @NAF Conference Centre. Don’t miss it for anything!



My Trip to FCT- Abuja was fun!

Last week Sunday was my first time in Living Faith Church Goshen City Abuja. The service was awesome as Pastor Triumphant Obama ministered in Word and Bishop David Abioye did impartation. It was an anointing service, indeed it is my season of remembrance!


After the service, I visited my girlfriend, Judith and her wonderful family. I treated me to our own African delicacy- Pounded and Egusi soap! What a homely lady Judith has been even when we were in AOCOED! She loves cooking just as I do as well. Judith you are too much jo! I must confess, I enjoyed every beat of my bolus. Lol She also showed me Bishop’s house in Goshen. What a blessed environment!