What about the Abuja Trip ProlificStella?!

Friends, please know that my trip to Abuja was not a vacation trip o because some people are already asking me of what I don’t have answer to now! Na work, walk, talk, connect I go do there o! Lol

Yes o! the above picture was when I was on my way to Nyanya… to meet with our partners concerning upgrade conference. Thereafter, I went back to Maitama @ Transcorp Hilton to meet another partner.

In fact I released that to organize a program in Abuja is not beans o. Thank God for my lawyer friend, Olumide that helped me out. You need to see my posing…! Anyway travelling is one way of educating yourself about your environment. It is very important you have a good knowledge of your environment; it goes a long way  to tell people how intelligent you are. Ok. when was the last time you traveled? Did you rwally have fun as much as I do? Share with me friends. Don’t ask questions I don’t have answer for o!

Don’t get it twisted friends! Lol

Enjoy your day. Thanks for reading. Stella Adu


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