ProlificStella in Abuja city! Lol

My lawyer friends, Olumide and his wonderful family- Rebecca and Hephzibah; accommodated me in his home in Kubwa along Arab. They made my stay in Abuja enjoyable, I must say these; you are guys are awesome! Despite my body feeling uneasy and very sick, I was able to tour the city of Abuja within the space of a week. Lol.

My second day in Kubwa, I needed to freshen up so as to start out with official assignment in Abuja. Check me out, how do I look like? Tell me the truth o! Lol

The Federal Capital Territory is located in the geographical centre of Nigeria. lt has a land area of 8,000 square kilometers. It is bounded on the north by Kaduna State, the west by Niger State, the east and southeast by Nasarawa State and the southwest by Kogi State. It falls within latitudes 70 20′ north of the Equator and longitudes 60 45′ and 70 39′.

Unity Fountain close to Transcrop Hilton

Unity Fountain close to Transcrop Hilton

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The FCT‘s natural endowments such as; its rolling hills, isolated highlands and other endearing features make it a delight. The savannah grassland of the North and the Middle Belt, the richness of the tropical rain forests of the south and an equable climate all combined to make the FCT a soil-rich agricultural haven.

Enjoy your day. Thanks for reading. Stella Adu


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