Upgrade Conference UNIBEN Dinner Party

Check out the dinner session of Upgrade Conference UNIBEN as the female students came out in their dinner gowns and the male in their suit with a bowl tie to match. After the Upgrade Conference UNIBEN, the final year Students of The Gospel Students Fellowship proceed to their dinner party in pairs to celebrate the Grace of God that has seen them through their stay on campus.

Gtext Media and Dr. Ope Banwo II were present at the dinner party to give them directions and offer them business opportunities as well that will make them self-reliant after school; which is the main goal of Upgrade Conference. The students could not thank us enough as some of them were already putting a call through to their parents to express their readiness to make a different in their generation. What a night of turnaround for them! The next edition of Upgrade Conference will be in LAOTECH come October 22nd. Don’t miss it for anything! Prolific Stella

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