I Cannot Thank You Enough!

IMG_7005Our birthday is an important date in our lives. It is the day we celebrate being in this world. When we are young, this date does excite us, but as time passes some people lose interest. True, nobody likes getting older, but celebrating a birthday will always gladdens us.


Celebrating a birthday does not only mean celebrating one more year alive, but also celebrating that we are happy with our lives that God has given us; that is why I cannot thank God enough for the good live he showered on me. 3rd-thursday-logoIt will surprise you to know that I was down on the eve of my birthday with body pains and weakness but thank God for He did not allow me to be called “sick” on my birthday!



He gave me a fresh breath on my day so as to celebrate with you all with all the good things I am privileged to see and have. Help me say this to God: “I am grateful!”










I want to specially appreciate you all for taken out time to celebrate me on my birthday both offline and online.







I feel honoured by the love showered on me by all. My prayer for you is that you will forever be honoured in Jesus name! Everywhere you go, rejection will not be your lots but you shall be honoured. Therefore, I want to say again that






This new month shall be one of the most
blessed and fruitful months for you
this special month shall lightens up every dark corner of our heart in Jesus name! Be happy for where you are today because your attitude to work determines your result. It’s your input that determines your output. No one withdrawals from a bank he has no deposit! Enjoy your day.

Once again thank you!@prolificstella

Stella Adu


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